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  People often ask me, ‘What’s New Zealand like?’. And, I often reply, ‘Go to Norway, instead’. Having spent over 6 months travelling around the two main islands, I guess people think I should be able to convince them to fly half-way around the world to go and ‘see where the Lord Of The Rings Read more

The Benefits of Being A Guest Crew on a Luxury Yacht

Be a guest crew on the luxury yacht Santosa For people who love adventure sailing holidays but would like a little more luxury, their own cabin with plenty of space, then being a ‘Guest Crew’ could be the perfect solution. It’s ideal for sailing couples with mixed expectations of a holiday. For example if one Read more

A Sailor’s Pilgrimage To The Pulpit Rock

  The voyage to Norway is not just about the journey, the destination is amazing and as you will read below one of the highlights is a trek to a viewpoint that fills some with a sense of awe. Taking The Weather With Us Today we were able to spend some time on dry land Read more

Leaving Norway For A Bumpy Sea

  The FCS crew on Challenger 2 have enjoyed their visit to Norway and are now looking forward to the return leg to historic Portsmouth. Only the North Sea to re-cross, how will she behave this month? These are Skipper Sue’s daily reports. Boat Mode and Breeze 12 June: We have filled up the in Read more

The Crack of Dawn On Our Voyage To Norway

  Sailing adventures come in many shapes and sizes and one that is proving very popular with our clients ins the voyage to Norway and back. It has just the right mixture of elements: from testing your sailing skills across the North Sea to a destination that is breathtakingly beautiful and refreshingly invigorating. You return Read more

Sailing down the North Sea at 45 degrees

On this the last of our 2017 Norway voyages Challenger 1 says farewell to Norway and sails sails down the North Sea to pass through the Dover Straits and then along the English South Coast to Portsmouth.  As this blog goes the boat is about 70 miles off of Portsmouth. Day 8 All in all Read more

Fjords, sails changes and Nick’s ‘One bottle of wine spag bol’

Here is the second half of the voyage that started and finished in Bergen… Day 4 13th June We started quite early since we had a long distance to make up heading back west along Sognefjord. First however, we headed north across the fjord to Balestrand, where we poked our nose into Fjaerlandsfjorden to see Read more

Sailing in Norway – a Church and a pub!

Day 3 of Sailing in Norway – 12th June We slipped our lines about 9am, no sign off life from the shop or anyone else in the sleepy village so no point waiting to get fresh bread and milk! Today passage took us to Vik another 20nm further up Sognefjord. The further we went the higher, Read more

The start of a new Norway Voyage – Bergen to Bergen

Day 1 – Bergen to Bergen Last Saturday a new crew joined Challenger 1 in Bergen for a week of adventuring and exploring the fjords. 1300  10th June New crew arrived in Bergen to add to those staying on from first leg of Norwegian cruise. The fact that two of the previous crew remained was Read more

Norway Crew hit Haugesund and Then Find Peace at Anchor

Dirty Tricks and Free Climbing Mate The Intrepid crew of Challenger 1 have leisurely made their way North with Bergen their final destination today. Here’s the latest instalment from the boat. Tuesday 6 June With the two teams reunited for the whole day, there was great competition for the helm particularly during the period of sailing. Read more