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Exploring the breathtaking scenery of the Norwegian Fjords, our skipper Matt on the 16-day voyage – Norway Sailing Adventure to the Fjords and Back trip shares photos and gives his account of this incredible trip onboard the Challenger 72 yacht.

The adventure continues but the weather does not play ball

Read the latest missive from Challanger 1 as they have to change their destination – As the sun rose over the white cliffs of Yorkshire to reveal a crisp, clear blue sky, a well-rested and hungry set of sailors awoke to fill the galley. With a wide selection of cereal on offer, we set about Read more

Adventure to Norway sailing on a Challenger Yacht

Sailing to Norway – Day 1 Kindred Spirits Sailing to Norway – So the day we have all been looking forward to has finally arrived.  We each arrive bright eyed on the quay to meet our fellow sailors and the professional crew.  Warm greetings and cups of tea later we are thoroughly briefed, attired and Read more

Why you should sail the Norwegian Fjords.

Sailing the jaw-dropping dramatic Norwegian Fjords carved from rock by glaciers way back in the Ice Age really is the way to experience this breathtaking landscape

Luxury Yacht Santosa Meets The Old Man of Hoy

  What’s the first thought that springs to mind when someone suggest sailing around the northern isles? Is it the striking scenery, the peace and solitude? Meeting people living on the space between arctic and Europe? Or is it the challenge of the weather? In this blog you get a mixture of everything as the Read more

Santosa Visits Scapa Flow On The 100th Anniversary Of The Scuttling

  A cruising sailing holiday on Santosa that takes in the Shetland and Orkney Islands is a special event in itself, and when it coincides with the 100th anniversary of an historic naval event it makes the holiday more memorable, but poignant at the same time. Here are Sue’s thoughts on what she saw and Read more

Santosa’s Shetland Voyage From Norway Gets A Little Roly

  Time to leave the arctic waters for the luxury yacht Santosa with a north sea crossing to Shetland next on the agenda. In this blog, you’ll see how important it is to get the weather and your timings just right. Goodbye To Alesund and The Geirangerfjord Wednesday 28th August was the date we scheduled Read more

Santosa: On An Island Called Ona There Is A Lighthouse…

The luxury yacht Santosa has spent the summer months dipping in and out of the Arctic circle, sailing around the Lofoten islands, and forming a somewhat exclusive arctic swim club. During the latter stages of the summer they will return to Southampton via the northern isles, Scotland and the English west coast. However, this blog Read more

Santosa leaves the Arctic Circle, where are all the people, a lively sea and lots of tasty food

Here is the latest update from a guest crew member on board Santosa as she passes out of the Arctic Circle and South towards Trondheim.  There are sea eagles, a lively sea, banana bread, fish finger sanwiches plus boat made rye bread,  delightful anchorages and glorious sunsets. Day 4: Husoya to Bronnoysund. A mere 9 Read more

A Glacial Triathlon, followed by a sail, then port and cheese.

Here is the latest update from a guest crew member on board the good ship Santosa. Santosa is currently sailing down the west coast of Norway from Bodo to Trondheim. Day 3: Santosa, Norway. The day started sunny and bright at our mooring. Crew and guests (6 in total) set off on bikes for a 9km Read more