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A Sailing Holiday is the ultimate holiday experience. It is almost impossile not to switch off from everything else whilst on a sailing holiday. In fact we think only 2 days sailing is equivalent to a week on a beach for resetting yourself. Imagine what 1 or 2 weeks would be like!

A Sailing Holiday is a truly getaway experience. The contrast from our daily lives ashore to life on the water is so great that it is easy to switch off from your day-to-day concerns.

A sailing holiday offers the perfect ‘get away from it all’ break. There are different kinds of sailing holidays. A sailing course is a holiday. You will learn lots and after a week come away having had lungfuls of fresh air and feeling refreshed.

We find our customers book a sailing holiday either by themselves, as a couple or as a family. For those booking by themselves or as a couple you will likely find kindred spirits in your fellow crew mates who share an interest in learning more about sailing and a love of the sea.

Family sailing holidays offer the chance to spend time together having fun and working as a team. You can book a boat with a skipper. Depending on how much sailing you have done he or she can show you all the ropes, teach, guide, coach or just help with crewing.

UK Sailing Holidays

Sail over to France and the Channel Islands. Cruise the West Country on a modern day yacht or an old wooden 'gaffer'

Sailing Holidays Abroad

Explore the Norwegian Fjords. Island hop in the Caribbean. Sail across the Atlantic. Race in the Caribbean.

Atlantic Ocean Sailing

Sail to the Canaries. Race across to the Caribbean in the ARC. Sail across the North Atlantic from Antigua to Portsmouth

Yacht Racing

Dash around the Isle of Wight in the Round the Island Race Race in the tradewinds to the Caribbean in the ARC Take part in the Rolex Fastnet Race Compete in Caribbean Regattas

Classic Wooden Gaff Rigged Sailing

Cruises and courses on a traditional wooden gaff rigged cutter built in 1908.

Some sailing holidays allow those that want to get stuck into sailing the boat the opportunity to do just that whilst at the same time allowing others that may want to sit back and watch the world go by the opportunity to also do, just that. For example, our West Country, France and Channel Island cruises and our voyages to and in Norway. These trips are about sailing and exploring ashore when you get there - Taking in the scenery whether that be the rolling hills of Devon and Cornwall or the towering fjords and snow-capped peaks of Norway; tasting the local food, pottering around the harbour or striding off into the surrounding countryside.

Then there are some sailing holidays that require everyone to get stuck in and play their part in sailing the boat. For example, our voyages across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and back or down to the Canaries. Even of these voyages there is still plenty of time on these trips to kick back and relax with a book, contemplate life or chat with your fellow crew mates.

Some sailing holidays are about racing and offer a more adrenalin fuelled sailing holiday. The ARC is a 14-19 day sail across the Atlantic racing against fellow amateur racers. The Round the Island Race is a short dash around the Isle of Wight. Every two years we enter a boat into the Rolex Fastnet Race that goes round the Fastnet Rock and back. In the Caribbean we enter several regattas.

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