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  This race is a real sailing race that has plenty of history behind it and is also a qualifier for the Rolex Fastnet which First Class Sailing always has at least one 16 strong crew participating in. The Race Is All About Tides   The first leg of the Myth of Malham follows the Read more

Navigation Skills and Their Power

Shelley Jory-Leigh & Sir Robin Knox-Johnston   The art of navigation has been given a massive boost in 2019 thanks to 73-year-old French sailor Jean-Luc van den Heede who completed the Golden Globe Race 2018. In 211 days and 23 hours he sailed single-handedly around the world by using just a sextant, a chronometer and Read more

From A Day Out To Day Skipper. What Pushes The Sailor In You?

Taking the helm   As a school, First Class Sailing can cater for the wide variety of skills aspiring sailors require. There are some who like to be a member of the crew, not quite a passenger but willing to share group responsibility. Others want to improve, learn more and eventually take the helm as Read more

Crossing the Atlantic Using Denebola and Chertan

  The FCS crew on Challenger 2 can almost feel the dry land and taste wet beer that awaits in Horta or this leg from Antigua to Portsmouth Harbour. First update comes from the mate and that will be followed by the crew’s musing. Will tinned sweetcorn get a mention? Day 12 Blog: Atlantic Wind in Read more

From Bjork to a Tinned Sweetcorn Mutiny – Just Crossing the Atlantic

  Horta is not yet on the horizon but the crew can sense it is getting closer. Ocean habits are starting to form, the little things mean a lot and everyday more and more sailing experiencing is gained. Here are the latest thoughts and observations from the FCS crew on Challenger 2 Skipper’s Midday Report Read more

Crew Writes Donuts in Their Wake

  The variety of weather conditions can be quite remarkable on this voyage from Antigua to Portsmouth. From high winds and 45 degree living to flat seas and a touch of the cold weather we’re experiencing in the upper reaches of the Northern Hemisphere…. Motoring On to Heavy Weather The wind has eased as predicted Read more

Experiencing the Azores High is an Atlantic Adventure

Considering the dramatic actions being described below it is a triumph that this blog has been written at all. This blog perfectly why crossing the Atlantic is an adventure… Date :14 January 2018 Time : 12:00 GMT Position :35.24 N 51.03W Destination Horta Good Morning all Another good day on the good ship Challenger 2, Read more

Heading into the Wind – An Atlantic Adventure

  More news from the FCS crew as they sail from Antigua to Portsmouth, almost one week in they are finding their feet, although footholds would be more helpful if that pesky wind blew in the right direction! Mate’s report first and then messages from the crew. Date :14 January 2018 Time : 12:00 GMT Read more

Messages Home from the Atlantic Snow Globe

  The crew are getting lyrical, maybe it is the sea air, maybe the night sky, maybe the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean has opened their creative minds, either way here are some lovely messages home and once again you have to marvel at the technology we take for granted being able to keep folks Read more

Poetry in Motion from that Atlantic Swell

  The FCS crew on Challenger 2 are settling in on their voyage from Antigua to Portsmouth and here is the latest report, it includes a sea shanty and hopefully the first of many! Time to Meet Mother All is well on Challenger 2. Sailed by moonlight through the night, got drenched by squalls, dried Read more