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    During our trips, whether it’s a sailing holiday or an RYA course, we understand the importance of serving homestyle cooking at sea, hearty and delicious meals that cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions, ensuring everyone on board is well-fed and satisfied.   Catering to Every Palate One of the key elements is Read more

10 Nautical and Sailing Superstitions

Join us as we embark on a journey into the world of nautical and sailing superstitions, exploring the intriguing beliefs and practices that have shaped the lives of those who brave the waves.

Adventure to Norway sailing on a Challenger Yacht

Sailing to Norway – Day 1 Kindred Spirits Sailing to Norway – So the day we have all been looking forward to has finally arrived.  We each arrive bright eyed on the quay to meet our fellow sailors and the professional crew.  Warm greetings and cups of tea later we are thoroughly briefed, attired and Read more

Arthur Briscoe – Marine Artist

Golden Vanity was built in 1908 for renowned marine artist Arthur Briscoe as a floating art studio. But who was Arthur Briscoe ?

Challenge of the Channel Islands

Clive Loughlin invites you to look over his shoulder as he plans a 7-day cruise to the Channel Islands.

Tues 26th, Day 3 – “We’ve looked at clouds from both sides now”

Music and stars in the Atlantic Night two on the Challenger. This got me thinking about that line from a Joni Mitchell song “but clouds got in my way.” As these finally cleared, we could see the full extent of the universe unhampered by any light pollution. On my next turn at the helm I Read more

The Day The Hurricane Came

Hurricane Pablo started off as an innocuous looking low pressure system on 23 October that no one was paying much attention to. As this system began to develop, our annual voyage from Portsmouth to the Canaries was looking to cross the Bay of Biscay. The plan was to cross ahead of the incoming system, but as Read more

Some of the World’s Most Interesting Lighthouses

No matter where you sail you’ll always be looking out for a lighthouse, or at least a beacon of light at night. We’ve listed some of the interesting lighthouses in UK waters and around our Solent region so we thought we’d mention a few that you may one day reach thanks to the knowledge you Read more

Interesting Lighthouses In The Solent Region And Beyond

Whether it is a welcome beacon of light after a difficult voyage or a much-loved landmark every sailor has their favourite lighthouse. They are essential to our safe passage and although few around the world are manned, they still give the impression that someone is there, looking out you. Below is a pick of lighthouses Read more

Luxury Yacht Santosa Meets The Old Man of Hoy

  What’s the first thought that springs to mind when someone suggest sailing around the northern isles? Is it the striking scenery, the peace and solitude? Meeting people living on the space between arctic and Europe? Or is it the challenge of the weather? In this blog you get a mixture of everything as the Read more