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    During our trips, whether it’s a sailing holiday or an RYA course, we understand the importance of serving homestyle cooking at sea, hearty and delicious meals that cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions, ensuring everyone on board is well-fed and satisfied.   Catering to Every Palate One of the key elements is Read more

First Class Sailing Exhibits at Ocean Globe Race Village, with Celestial Navigation Workshops

First Class Sailing is thrilled to announce its participation in the Ocean Globe Race Village.

Celestial Navigation is an ancient sailing skill you need to know

For hundreds of years before the advent of GPS sailors navigated the ocean using only a sextant and heavenly bodies. From Polynesians to Phoenicians. Viking raiders of the 5th Century to pillaging Pirates of the 18th. All used forms of Celestial Navigation. Recently we’ve discovered Vikings even manage to reach the shores of North American Read more

Sailing Round Britain

In April, May and June we will be sailing a boat around Britain. There are 5 legs available for those keen to build miles and enjoy some great sailing experiences. Each leg has been allocated 6 days and the distances of each leg vary, the shortest being 175nm and the longest being around 390nm.

ARC 2019 – Challenger 2 off to a flying start from the Canaries

A day into the ARC 2019 and all is well. Challenger 2 got off to a flying start and everyone has settled in well. Below we have a pre-race word from crew member Becs and our first message back from skipper Ricky and 1st mate Kirstie.  We hope to get a blog from the crew Read more

The Great Britain SailGP Team Breaks 50 Knot Record In Solent

  COWES, England – August 6, 2019 – Dylan Fletcher’s Great Britain SailGP Team today achieved what no other sail racing team in the world has done, breaking the sport’s elusive 50-knot speed barrier during training ahead of Cowes SailGP. The historic moment – a first aboard the supercharged F50 catamaran – occurred during the Read more

SailGP Racing In The Solent

  SailGP is coming to the Solent in August and it looks like we’ll be seeing some epic racing on the south coast and maybe pass the 50-foot wingsailed catamarans in Southampton Water as they head to the technical area. It’s a new sport, established in 2018 and is an annual, global sports championship featuring Read more

Close Finish for FCS Crew in Cervantes Trophy Race

Preparing for the Rolex Fastnet in August, the First Class Sailing crew will enter three races and last weekend they competed in the opener – the Cervantes Trophy Race. Below is skipper Ricky Chalmers’ report of how the action unfurled and how the FCS crew fared on their first real test. Crew Bonding And Jockeying Read more

Your First Time Round The Island Race

Join the FCS crew in 2019!   If you’ve taken your Competent Crew course and are looking to have your first adventure then get a taste of ocean racing this summer by circumnavigating the Isle of Wight. The Round the Island Race is organised by the Island Sailing Club and has become a regular challenge Read more

Yacht Racing Which You Could Be a Part Of

Nothing can beat the excitement of yacht racing with the wind in your hair and the spray on your face. It’s your turn to be a part of it with First Class Sailing. It is time you experienced the adrenalin rush of competing, combined with the achievement of working as a team in such a Read more