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  The Crew are into the final few days and sound at home aboard Challenger 3 on their ‘Deep Sea Adventure’. This blog is written by Hodgie, on the way to the volcanic island of Lanzarote, and Jonathon, who takes us to their final destination, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.   Champagne Sailing off Africa Read more

Electric Glowing Dolphins

    Dolphins in the bioluminescence   As we continue on the second leg of our journey, the question that seems to be on everybody’s mind is whether or not we will make it to Lanzarote in time to enjoy an evening of new culture, warm weather, good food a few drinks and lots of Read more

Under The Radar – US Warship Interception

    Which section of the Colregs deals with Warships again?   There is a saying that men and ships rot in port. I can tell the reader that by Friday morning we were rested and refreshed and with a bearable forecast of basically fine weather, we were ready to put to sea once again, Read more

Postcard From Cascais

  It isn’t all sailing on the voyage from Portsmouth to the Canaries. Where possible the crew will find a port to visit and enjoy the ‘amenities’. This blog is from Cascais in Portugal, a former royal summer retreat it has the country’s most expensive real estate markets. Even in port, the sea will always Read more

Day 5 After The Bay Of Biscay Comes The Dolphin Reward

  More news from the crew on Challenger 3 as they sail from Portsmouth to Cran Canaria. We start this blog with all details the skipper and mate send at noon each day. Always a marvel when you think about how the early sailors would not communicate with their loved ones for years on end. Read more

Day 4 Biscay Brews Up A Bevy of A Storm

  The FCS crew of Challenger 3 are now in the Bay of Biscay as the cross from Portsmouth to Gran Canaria. Looking ahead there appears to be a storm on the horizon. How much fun will it be? Tacking Like Pros So, 245 miles into our 1600 mile trip across the Atlantic we are Read more

The Above and Below of an Atlantic Adventure

  Here’s a blog from Day 3 of the Atlantic Adventure from Portsmouth to Gran Canaria. This blog not only shows that the voyage can be everything that you expect but also the challenges that are below deck too. Atlantic Sailing Adventure Living Up To Reputation With Yankee 2 up and the winds starting to Read more

Londoner Sees A Proper Night Sky On Sailing Adventure

  Day 2 of the FCS crew’s Atlantic Adventure to Gran Canaria sees another blog describing the early effects of sea travel. It doesn’t last long and as you will see the benefits are amazing… Finding Your Sea Legs Prevention, they say, is the best cure, however failing to pre ingest seasick tablets makes that Read more

Portsmouth To Gran Canaria – Another Adventure Begins

  On Wednesday 31st October another of our sailing adventures set sail with the FCS crew on Challenger 4 (just behind Challenger 3 above) departing Gunwharf Quay in Portsmouth for Gran Canaria: ahead of them the Bay of Biscay. Below is their first blog and summary of the voyage so far… Wednesday – The Big Read more