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  You can send a blog from almost anywhere on the planet and in this case it is 547 Nm from Antigua sailing to the Azores. A perfect spot for a British tradition… The Crew Is Becoming Shipshape It’s been a busy day! I started off at 7am with a three hour watch on deck, Read more

Antigua to Portsmouth Day 2: Brilliant Caribbean Weather

  On their voyage to Portsmouth Harbour from Antigua the crew will learn many new tasks during their Atlantic Adventure along with some amazing sights. This is their first blog at sea… Crew Blog dated Thursday 10th January 2019. Two full days out and the crew is happily settling into its three watch pattern with a Read more

Antigua to Portsmouth Day 1: Introducing the Best Watch

The first of the blogs from the FCS crew on Challenger 4 as they set sail from Antigua to Portsmouth and make one of the epic journeys that sailing is all about. We’re Going To Barbuda! The journey begins.. with us running away from the ‘not-so-Jolly Harbour’, nine members of our 16 person crew having been struck Read more

The Benefits of Being A Guest Crew on a Luxury Yacht

Be a guest crew on the luxury yacht Santosa For people who love adventure sailing holidays but would like a little more luxury, their own cabin with plenty of space, then being a ‘Guest Crew’ could be the perfect solution. It’s ideal for sailing couples with mixed expectations of a holiday. For example if one Read more

Why get qualified? An RYA Yachtmaster Instructor Explains Why You Should

A typical class on a school boat takes in a diverse range of ages, backgrounds and aspirations. First published in Sailing Today, Clive Loughlin looks at why RYA qualifications are worth more than the paper they are printed on. As published in Sailing Today – August 2018 (pdf version) 5 + 40 + 5 = Read more

A Sailor’s Pilgrimage To The Pulpit Rock

  The voyage to Norway is not just about the journey, the destination is amazing and as you will read below one of the highlights is a trek to a viewpoint that fills some with a sense of awe. Taking The Weather With Us Today we were able to spend some time on dry land Read more

Leaving Norway For A Bumpy Sea

  The FCS crew on Challenger 2 have enjoyed their visit to Norway and are now looking forward to the return leg to historic Portsmouth. Only the North Sea to re-cross, how will she behave this month? These are Skipper Sue’s daily reports. Boat Mode and Breeze 12 June: We have filled up the in Read more

The Crack of Dawn On Our Voyage To Norway

  Sailing adventures come in many shapes and sizes and one that is proving very popular with our clients ins the voyage to Norway and back. It has just the right mixture of elements: from testing your sailing skills across the North Sea to a destination that is breathtakingly beautiful and refreshingly invigorating. You return Read more

Get a Bank Holiday Sailing Bonus Around The Solent

Get a Bank Holiday Sailing Bonus Around The Solent Make the most of your Bank Holiday weekends by combining it with a sailing course. You’ll have great fun while learning valuable new skills on your way to becoming a much better sailor. Held over two consecutive weekends, it is the second weekend that takes advantage Read more

Luxury Sailing in a Race Fit for Vikings

  Once in a while, it is refreshing to get out of your sailing comfort zone, experience some testing new waters and sights that will live with you for the rest of life. So imagine doing that in comfort! There is an opportunity this June/July for two couples to sail from Norway to Iceland in Read more