Why you should sail the Norwegian Fjords.

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Exploring coastlines by boat always gives an interesting and unique perspective. Sailing the jaw-dropping dramatic Norwegian Fjords carved from rock by glaciers way back in the Ice Age really is the way to experience this breathtaking landscape. Cliffs that can tower up to 2000 feet, waterfalls pouring from the mountains, with snow-capped mountains provide a beautiful backdrop. You get a real sense of openness from the sheer scale of the land and the light is amazing.

Whilst the wind will ultimately determine the itinerary there are so many beautiful stops you will enjoy wherever the wind takes you. May you’ll make it to Bergen, Stavanger or Kristiansund – it will be wonderful! If the boat goes North, you may go up to Sognefjord. You may see the astonishing Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) the 25m square mountain plateau standing a staggering 604m above sea level with 3 vertical sides. Norway’s longest fjord penetrating inland for 115 miles, between snow-topped mountains rising up to 1,800m You may spend a night in the idyllic Tysnes, maybe you will visit the island of Halsnoy with its medieval abbey.

There really is so much to explore and discover. Whilst located near the Arctic, the Gulf Stream lifts the climate so it’s warmer than you think. This is also why huge amounts of cod come to spawn here. The rich heritage of a thriving fishing industry doesn’t just give us delicious fish, but beautiful bustling harbours and fishing villages and cosmopolitan cities like Bergen and Stavanger (rich in cultural and vibrancy). Try the Fiskebolle soup, a wholesome and tasty cod and potato soup. Like so much Norwegian cooking, local ingredients are centre stage. The Norwegians take real pride in their heritage, and this is really apparent in their respect of the land. You can witness the benefits of a sustainable, leave no trace ethos, in this unspoilt landscape.

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