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Treasure Island was one of my favourite works of fiction when I was a child. Admittedly my first exposure to the tale was via the Muppets movie adaptation. However, once I did read the Robert Louis Stevenson book it inspired a fascination with sailing and pirates that followed me to adulthood. This is why Black Read more

The Real Ships Of Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean

This blog is going to look at some of the real ships of Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean. Filming out at sea as always been a tricky task. From the natural movement of the sea to uncontrollable weather conditions. It’s no wonder so many classic sailing movies were filmed in water tanks on Hollywood backlots. Read more

Solent Sailing on Saturday 24th September 2022

Looking for something to do? How About Solent Sailing on 24th 2022? Are you looking for something different to do on your next sail? How about Solent Sailing on Saturday 24th September 2022? Then Clive Loughlin is here to help with his latest article for Sailing today. Clive is an instructor  for First Class Sailing Read more