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The Sea Survival Certificate does not expire. However, we do recommend you take the RYA Sea Survival Certificate every five years in order to keep yourself up to date and refreshed on new safety developments and equipment. How long is RYA sea survival valid for? If you are taking the RYA Sea Survival Course as Read more

What Does Coastal Skipper Allow You to Do?

First Class Sailing is an established sailing school, and we offer the range of RYA courses, including Coastal Skipper. But just what will RYA Coastal Skipper allow you to do once you’re qualified? Here’s all you need to know. RYA Coastal Skipper is a certification that means you can skipper a yacht on coastal passages Read more

RYA Coastal Skipper Course (Prices & Availability)

The RYA Coastal Skipper course price is between £947 and £987 when you book with First Class Sailing. The 5 day practical course runs from Shamrock Quay in Southampton. Book now or explore available dates. Why book with First Class Sailing Whilst you might find costs for the RYA Coastal Skipper courses can vary from Read more

How to Remember Port and Starboard: A Simple Guide

Knowing the difference between port and starboard is one of the first things we teach you when you come for sailing lessons with us. Port refers to the left side of the boat, while starboard is the right hand side. It important that you can remember which side is which, as port and starboard terminology Read more

Skippered Sailing Holidays in the UK

Our skippered sailing holidays offer a unique and exciting way to explore and relax onboard a range of different yacht types. With our skipper and crew on board, you can sit back and relax whilst an experienced First Class Sailing crew navigates the seas. This makes it an ideal holiday choice for those who want Read more

Adventure Sailing Holidays with First Class Sailing

Taking an adventure sailing holiday with First Class Sailing is a unique and challenging way to explore the water and improve your sailings skills, all whilst combining the thrill of adventure with the relaxation of a holiday. With over twenty years of experience in running a sailing school, we are perfectly placed to offer you Read more

Sailing Holidays for Beginners in the UK

For those new to sailing, it’s important to choose a holiday company that offers a safe and enjoyable experience. With over twenty years in the sailing lessons business, we are that provider, and offer a range of amazing sailing holidays for beginners. Whether you want to book for your whole family, with friends, as a Read more

Family Sailing Holidays in the UK & Europe

Family sailing holidays offer a unique and adventurous way to spend quality time together. Sailing provides a perfect opportunity for families to bond, explore new destinations, learn new skills, and relax on the water and at multiple destinations. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a complete novice, First Class Sailing have a family sailing holiday Read more

Competent Crew Price: How Much it Costs with First Class Sailing

At First Class Sailing we believe in being entirely transparent with our prices, so you don’t get any hidden costs when booking an RYA course with us. The prices for our Competent Crew course can be found along with current available dates on our booking page. Below is a short overview on how much you Read more

Day Skipper Course Price (Costs for Practical, Theory, & Online)

If you’re looking for a great value price on the RYA Day Skipper courses, look no further than First Class Sailing. Below you can explore our current Day Skipper course prices, with links to book your slot. RYA Day Skipper Practical price Depending on the time of year and how many other students are on Read more