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On 12th January 2021 First Class Sailing launched a crowdfunding appeal to raise money to restore Golden Vanity. In the space of five weeks, an amazing £25,405 has been donated by a total of 155 supporters to help bring back to life this historical Brixham sailing trawler.

First Class Sailing Rescue Historic Vessel

First Class Sailing has rescued a 1908 Gaff Rigger. After some restoration and a refit she will be sailed along the south coast to her new home in Southampton where she will live alongside the existing fleet of modern cruising yachts.

From RYA Competent Crew to Round the World Race!

260 thousand miles and counting…. From a family holiday to a Round the World Race, Ricky Chalmers talks about his sailing career to date

The Rain Offshore of Spain

In today’s blog, we find out how the crew dry their base layers (this is a watersport afterall) and cope a midnight shift on watch.     Tuesday’s blog The rain has stopped, least for now. It seemed to be raining on every watch for the last two days.  Watches were cold and long and Read more

ARC 2019 – Day 7 – “These timeless surging seas – the lure of restless men”

Musings from Challenger We’ve had a bit more wind today and are still sailing with the Genoa and Mainsail.  Having made our way broadly South, gybing downwind away from the Canaries (for the first 4 days). Our course is now c265 degrees almost directly towards St Lucia.  As we move West we will move further Read more

ARC 2019 – Day 6 – Flaccid carrots

Musings for the day The free time onboard gives one ample time for self-exploration, perhaps the reason I am attracted to such endeavours. While pondering the reason that I am here, I thought it might be interesting to pose the following question to my fellow explorers. “In one word, please tell me why you are Read more

Reflections – Deep Sea Challenge: Biscay ’19

In the final blog for this trip crew member, Ian, give us his reflections on an epic adventure of storming seas, champagne down-wind sailing and friends forged through teamwork. Deep Sea Challenge, reflections upon the voyage   Those familiar with the Hollywood film the Wizard of Oz will know that it can be enjoyed at Read more

Interesting Lighthouses In The Solent Region And Beyond

Whether it is a welcome beacon of light after a difficult voyage or a much-loved landmark every sailor has their favourite lighthouse. They are essential to our safe passage and although few around the world are manned, they still give the impression that someone is there, looking out you. Below is a pick of lighthouses Read more

Clients Praise Instructors At First Class Sailing

  Every aspect of your RYA course with First Class Sailing, from the yachts to the all-weather clothing and food is meticulously planned. But it wouldn’t be worth anything if the instructors did match those same qualities. On a voyage the balance and make up of the crew is important, especially when you are being Read more

The Benefits of Autumn Sailing On The Solent

See the Solent in a different light   It may come as a surprise to you, but this time of year is our favourite for sailing courses and many of our instructors prefer it. So, we’ve listed a few of the reasons why we believe Autumn sailing can be much better than in the Summer: Read more