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    One of the most common questions we’re asked by people interested in our beginner sailing lessons, is whether they will need a license to drive a boat. Contrary to what you might have read elsewhere online and as strange as it might sound to beginner sailors, there is no legal obligation for you Read more

How to Prepare for Day Skipper

    Many students ask us how to best prepare themselves for the RYA Day Skipper practical and theory courses. To take the Day Skipper practical course you first of all have to do the Day Skipper shorebased theory course or at least have knowledge to the same level as if you had done the Read more

How Long is the Competent Crew Course?

    The RYA Competent Crew course is 5 days long, which can be taken either over consecutive days in one go, or it can be split over 2 weekends consisting, one of which will include a Friday.   The Competent Crew course starts from our Southampton HQ and takes place in the Solent. The Read more

Is the Mediterranean Tidal?

    Prerequisites for the RYA Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore exams include an amount of tidal miles. At least 400 for the YMC and 1250nm for the Offshore.   If all your sailing has been in UK waters then you can consider all of your miles as tidal. But what about if sailing in the Read more

Can You Do a VHF Radio Course Online?

    The RYA VHF Radio Course teaches you how to operate a VHF Radio competently and safely when aboard a vessel. The VHF radio courses are held our Southampton and London locations. If these locations and dates are not convenient for you, then it is possible to take the course remotely.   So, yes, Read more

How Much is a VHF Radio Course?

    If you are using a marine VHF radio out on the water, it is a legal requirement that not only does the vessel hold a license for a VHF radio, but also someone onboard has an VHF operator’s license (also known as a SRC (Short Range Certificate).   To get a VHF Radio Read more

How to Get Sailing Experience When You Don’t Own a Boat

    There are many ways in which you can get sailing experience, one of which will be to sign up to a sailing course. But courses and lessons aren’t the only way in which you can get sailing experience if you don’t have your own boat. They are other things you can do so Read more

Benefits of Adventure Sailing Trips: Why It’s Good for You

Discover benefits of adventure sailing trips and why it’s good for you. Adventure sailing trips provide an opportunity for personal growth and exploration.

How to Get a VHF Radio License as an Individual Operator

    Any vessel that has a marine VHF radio onboard is required by law to have two licenses. The first is the ship’s license, and the second is the operator’s license issued to the person who has been trained to VHF radio.   If you are an individual who needs to get a VHF Read more

Choosing Your Helm: Tiller vs. Steering Wheel on a Sailing Yacht

Are you considering setting sail but unsure whether to opt for a tiller vs. steering wheel on a sailing yacht? At First Class Sailing, we offer both unique experiences, each with its own set of advantages.