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  After a squall blows through, Skipper Ricky and Mate Kirstie have their work cut out for them trying to keep Challenger 4 going in a straight line as the squalls blow through and try to take her offline. The crew have to pull together and it’s all hands on deck helping out. Tiring work, Read more

Day 11: They’re Having A Whale Of A Time!

  Mate Kirstie’s Log   Once More Unto The Breach Yesterday we had a 20ft-ish whale play alongside us for an hour, broaching several times – once right in front of the boat, as it continuously circled us and surfed waves.  The whole crew watched and many videos (mainly of blue sea!) were captured.   Read more

Day 10: Less Than One Thousand Miles To Go!

  2nd Night Watch Interlude   A good night for shooting stars around Gemini, and whilst no means a meteor shower, included a fizzing ember that lingered for 2 or 3 heartbeats as it streaked the 20 or so degrees from Canis Minor over to Sirius, the Dog Star in the larger sibling. Jim.     Read more

Day: 9 The Race Is Hotting Up

  Monday 3 December   Today’s main event was the “half-way party” which was the strangest and most wonderful mid-ocean celebration most of us had ever attended. We are celebrating being slightly more than 1,550 nautical miles into this race, with a “short” 1310 Nm left to run. THAT, ladies and gentlemen of the internet, Read more

Day 5: Wendy Smashes Speed Record!

Challenger 4 has started to build up steam in the stronger winds with over 200 nautical miles clocked in a 24 hour period for the first time, and showers are finally allowed. Feeling The Need For Speed Hello from 21° 41′ N; 24 ° 21′ W We are now in the Tropics. Day 5 and Read more

Day 4: Bay Watch vs Crime Watch

  The crew have developed some competitive rivalry aboard Challenger 4 splitting into two watch teams. Ger and Mark P explain the system of watches on board and what it’s like to be up on deck, on watch.   Eat, Sleep, Sail. Repeat The days are starting to blur into a pattern of eat, sleep, Read more

Day 3: I See An Orange Moon A-Rising…

In today’s blog, the crew of Challenger 4 are greeted to an Orange Moon rising over the nighttime horizon, and Mate Kirstie discovers salt water in the bilges. Where is it coming from? Mate Kirstie’s Blog We are now at the end of our second full day at sea.  After the busy chaos of Ocean Read more

Day 2: When To Change Into Shorts?

  Jim takes us on a poetic tour of the stars overnight, as the crew settle into the rhythm of their watches. Dawn breaks and they contemplate when it will be warm enough to change into shorts – a sailor’s life!    A Starry Night With Papa Watch, Simon and our first mothers getting their Read more

And they’re off! Challenger 4 Sails Across The ARC Start Line

    Day One – The Arc Rally of 2018 Begins In this blog, Marsh and Wendy describe the excitement of crossing the ARC’s start line and the routine of the watch systems aboard. Skipper Ricky sets out his race strategy at the end.    “Large Spanish navy ship” A “large Spanish navy ship” was Read more

Race across the Atlantic Ocean in the ARC Rally 2017

  This is open to anyone. Although, as you will likely be 14 days non stop on a boat, it helps if you know you like sailing! But it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got a lot of experience providing you have some. The Race is actually a Rally. The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. A Read more