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The luxury yacht Santosa is sailing the summer around the arctic waters of Norway and when they have a moment reporting back on the adventures the couples on board are having and the amazing sights they are seeing. There are still some Norwegian sailing holidays available and you can see them here. Celebrating a Different Read more

Luxury Yacht Santosa Reaches Norwegian Waters

  Santosa’s first voyage in the Norway programme started from her home base in Southampton bound for Bergen. The plan was to cross the North Sea taking into consideration weather and passage time with an option to make Stavanger our first Norwegian port. The ship’s complement consisted of: Skipper, Mate, Engineer and our first two Read more

The Lofoten Islands: Arguably the Most Beautiful, Unique Location on the Planet

  People often ask me, ‘What’s New Zealand like?’. And, I often reply, ‘Go to Norway, instead’. Having spent over 6 months travelling around the two main islands, I guess people think I should be able to convince them to fly half-way around the world to go and ‘see where the Lord Of The Rings Read more