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In today’s blog, the crew are sailing upwind and tacking (also known as beating) towards the Azores. It’s hard work and slow-going, but their spirits remain high. The blog goes on to vividly and accurately describe the sounds and the feel of being at sea in these challenging conditions. 20-JAN and all is well Last Read more

Too Much Fun

We haven’t had a blog back from the crew today, but I do have the Skipper’s Log from Sue for the past 2 days for you. It sounds like the wind picked up nicely after the Doldrums and the crew are sailing again.     Tuesday 14th Jan, 2020 Time : 1522 GMT (1220 Boat Read more

How to survive a day in the Doldrums

In today’s blog the crew of Challenger 2 find themselves in the dead calm of the centre of the high pressure. Forced to turn the engine on to make way, the crew go in search of different ways to keep busy.   The Doldrums  Light winds and having to motor. Wind instrument’s arrow restlessly spins Read more

ARC 2019 – Day 9 – The 26-Hour Day

Over a week out in the big blue now for the crew of Challenger 2 and they’ve begun to find their groove as variable winds dictate multiple sail changes – likened to the Waltz. Meanwhile, Paul explains the daylight savings phenomenon that led to a 26-hour day.   The 26 Hour Day It’s 02.00 boat Read more

Tues 26th, Day 3 – “We’ve looked at clouds from both sides now”

Music and stars in the Atlantic Night two on the Challenger. This got me thinking about that line from a Joni Mitchell song “but clouds got in my way.” As these finally cleared, we could see the full extent of the universe unhampered by any light pollution. On my next turn at the helm I Read more

ARC 2019 – Challenger 2 off to a flying start from the Canaries

A day into the ARC 2019 and all is well. Challenger 2 got off to a flying start and everyone has settled in well. Below we have a pre-race word from crew member Becs and our first message back from skipper Ricky and 1st mate Kirstie.  We hope to get a blog from the crew Read more

The Day The Hurricane Came

Hurricane Pablo started off as an innocuous looking low pressure system on 23 October that no one was paying much attention to. As this system began to develop, our annual voyage from Portsmouth to the Canaries was looking to cross the Bay of Biscay. The plan was to cross ahead of the incoming system, but as Read more

Gates of Hercules: Day 8-9 Biscay ’19

Passing through the Gates of Hercules From ancient mythology through to the Romans (perhaps even later) the Gates of Hercules held a special place in the folklore of seafarers. They were the place beyond which unknown hazards lay and monsters awaited. Today we passed outside rather than through the Gates, which we now know as Read more

Champagne Sailing: Day 6-7 Biscay ’19

Champagne sailing Many sailors would probably say their very best experience on the water is sailing fast, downwind, with the headsail poled out surfing down the waves, in bright sunshine. Without doubt a fair definition of champagne sailing. Today, after more than a week of hard sailing, with the wind on our nose, past France, Read more

Riders Of The Storm: Day 3-5 Biscay ’19

With a storm to ride out, the crew weren’t able to keep sending in a blog each day. So, we’ve collated the skipper’s daily logs into one blog to give an idea of what it’s like to be in a storm. Bracing for the Storm – Day 3 Skipper’s Log Date : 02/11/19 Time : Read more