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Champagne sailing Many sailors would probably say their very best experience on the water is sailing fast, downwind, with the headsail poled out surfing down the waves, in bright sunshine. Without doubt a fair definition of champagne sailing. Today, after more than a week of hard sailing, with the wind on our nose, past France, Read more

Riders Of The Storm: Day 3-5 Biscay ’19

With a storm to ride out, the crew weren’t able to keep sending in a blog each day. So, we’ve collated the skipper’s daily logs into one blog to give an idea of what it’s like to be in a storm. Bracing for the Storm – Day 3 Skipper’s Log Date : 02/11/19 Time : Read more

Magical Dolphins & Cheeky Birds: Day 2 Biscay ’19

A magical dolphins sighting greets the crew of Challenger 2 this morning, before some cheeky stowaways are spotted. Cheeky Birds & Magical Dolphins For a long time this morning was had shoals of dolphins swimming alongside and jumping out of the water, truly magical scenes and now memories that will never be forgotten. We are Read more

Some of the World’s Most Interesting Lighthouses

No matter where you sail you’ll always be looking out for a lighthouse, or at least a beacon of light at night. We’ve listed some of the interesting lighthouses in UK waters and around our Solent region so we thought we’d mention a few that you may one day reach thanks to the knowledge you Read more

A Race Against the Weather: Day 1 Biscay ’19

  And they’re off! Challenger 2 is already in a race against the weather The crew of Challenger 2 set sail from Portsmouth yesterday making the most of an easterly wind to take them across the Channel to towards the west coast of France. Overnight the winds have been variable, but that seems set to Read more

Interesting Lighthouses In The Solent Region And Beyond

Whether it is a welcome beacon of light after a difficult voyage or a much-loved landmark every sailor has their favourite lighthouse. They are essential to our safe passage and although few around the world are manned, they still give the impression that someone is there, looking out you. Below is a pick of lighthouses Read more

Clients Praise Instructors At First Class Sailing

  Every aspect of your RYA course with First Class Sailing, from the yachts to the all-weather clothing and food is meticulously planned. But it wouldn’t be worth anything if the instructors did match those same qualities. On a voyage the balance and make up of the crew is important, especially when you are being Read more

The Benefits of Autumn Sailing On The Solent

See the Solent in a different light   It may come as a surprise to you, but this time of year is our favourite for sailing courses and many of our instructors prefer it. So, we’ve listed a few of the reasons why we believe Autumn sailing can be much better than in the Summer: Read more

Luxury Yacht Santosa Meets The Old Man of Hoy

  What’s the first thought that springs to mind when someone suggest sailing around the northern isles? Is it the striking scenery, the peace and solitude? Meeting people living on the space between arctic and Europe? Or is it the challenge of the weather? In this blog you get a mixture of everything as the Read more

Santosa Visits Scapa Flow On The 100th Anniversary Of The Scuttling

  A cruising sailing holiday on Santosa that takes in the Shetland and Orkney Islands is a special event in itself, and when it coincides with the 100th anniversary of an historic naval event it makes the holiday more memorable, but poignant at the same time. Here are Sue’s thoughts on what she saw and Read more