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Challenger 2 are now over halfway to the Azores and feeling like Champions as this update from Stephen suggests. Our second Motherwatch successfully completed today. Boat swept and mopped, surfaces cleaned, grey water tank pumped and 16 people fed – none of whom complained! Lunch included an al-fresco celebration of passing the halfway point to Read more

Too Much Fun

We haven’t had a blog back from the crew today, but I do have the Skipper’s Log from Sue for the past 2 days for you. It sounds like the wind picked up nicely after the Doldrums and the crew are sailing again.     Tuesday 14th Jan, 2020 Time : 1522 GMT (1220 Boat Read more

How to survive a day in the Doldrums

In today’s blog the crew of Challenger 2 find themselves in the dead calm of the centre of the high pressure. Forced to turn the engine on to make way, the crew go in search of different ways to keep busy.   The Doldrums  Light winds and having to motor. Wind instrument’s arrow restlessly spins Read more

925nm notched off. The crew of Challenger 2 have been pulling together in quite rough conditions.

Today’s blog is a collection of musings from the crew and skipper from the last couple of days sailign across the Atlantic  They have been bounced around but should now be getting some respite as this position update shows they are finally in a more westerly airlow and heading properly east. Salty sea dogs 10/01/2020 Read more

Sharp squalls and sudden lulls – update from Skipper Sue

Short report, keyboard & mouse won’t stay still. We prepped early for the blow that we knew was coming, complicated somewhat by sharp squalls and sudden lulls in the early hours. Top gust so far 45kts. The wind has now settled to a steadier 33kts ish, gusting high thirties at times. The sea state has Read more

Life on the Ocean Wave – some words from today’s Mother Watch

Plain Sailing So we remain on our course north (roughly speaking and helmsmen skills allowed for) in bright sunshine and 18 knots of wind, under reefed main, storm sail and yankee and have covered around 390 nm .  After a lumpy sea state for the first day of the voyage, things are now calmer all Read more

Crew prepare to eat own body weight in Spag Bol

The first update from Challenger 2, as they sail across the pond, is in! Everyone seems to be settling in to the watch system. Here is a word from crew member Nick. Challenger 2 left Antigua on Tuesday, bound for Portsmouth via the Azores.   So after leaving beautiful Antigua watch systems are progressing in Read more

Final preparation for Challenger 2 before sailing across the Atlantic – Man Over Board and emergency drills

The Crew of Challenger 2 – go swimming Training Challenger 2 slipped lines shortly after 1100 yesterday for a training sail to complete MOB & emergency steering drills in slightly more clement conditions than they had back in the UK last month. They then picked up a mooring buoy in Falmouth Harbour for some more Read more

Bin doing our bit for the environment.

A Marina in Southampton is installing “seabins”.  It looks like quite a nifty contribution in helping to clear up the trash that is in our seas. How much? At last count there is an estimate 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean. Let me just repeat that, 5.25 TRILLION pieces of plastic in the Read more

Challenger 2 has reached the finish line in the ARC Rally 2019

Back on dry land You will no doubt be glad to hear our intrepid crew have safely made port in St Lucia after an epic trip across the Atlantic. Here at First Class Sailing it has been my honour to post the blog daily and most of the time I have merely posted the thoughts, Read more