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Taking the helm   As a school, First Class Sailing can cater for the wide variety of skills aspiring sailors require. There are some who like to be a member of the crew, not quite a passenger but willing to share group responsibility. Others want to improve, learn more and eventually take the helm as Read more

Who You Gonna Call?… Coast Busters!

This blog was written by one of our instructors for Sailing Today and published in their magazine. Sailing Today have kindly let us post it here. Instructor Clive takes us through a recent Coastal Skipper Course to Dartmouth, and explains what to expect on your course and how an instructor helps the students achieve a successful Read more

Antigua to Portsmouth Days 9-11: Approach and Arrival in the Azores!

  Challenger 4 is safely tied up alongside the wall at Horta at 0730 UT, 0630 local time, just under 13 days of rather wonderful sailing since we left Barbuda. 2425nm run since leaving Antigua. Bacon, egg & Clive’s freshly made sourdough await for breakfast. Catch up on the weekend action below:       Read more

The Lofoten Islands: Arguably the Most Beautiful, Unique Location on the Planet

  People often ask me, ‘What’s New Zealand like?’. And, I often reply, ‘Go to Norway, instead’. Having spent over 6 months travelling around the two main islands, I guess people think I should be able to convince them to fly half-way around the world to go and ‘see where the Lord Of The Rings Read more

Antigua to Portsmouth Day 8: ‘To Avoid Doom, Steer Away From the Boom’

Thursday 17 January 2019     As the weather builds for the first time on this crossing, the crew have to work together to keep Challenger 4 on course and each other well fed. The next 2 days of weather will be challenging for them, but there are signs that they are up to the Read more

Antigua to Portsmouth Day 7: How to rehabilitate your loved one upon their return

  Look out for Clive’s apology below as he tries to dig himself out of a 5 mile deep hole. Not sure if Penny will let his mistake go as easily as he let the wedding photograph go. The crew of Challenger 4 are past half-way and already thinking about how they will readjust back Read more

Antigua to Portsmouth Day 6: ‘Absolutely Perfect’ Sailing

Tuesday 15th January 2019   The Sailing Blog   What a day to be on the water! The 4am till 7am watch this morning was sublime, not a cloud in the sky, full view of the myriad stars and planets that cover the firmaments and a count of at least 20 prominent shooting stars. Then Read more

Why now is the best time to go back to school to learn about trigonometry on a Day Skipper Shorebased course?

A lot of the navigational side of sailing is based on very simple school girl/boy trigonometry. The question of how to get from A to B when the tide is pushing you in a certain direction can be solved by drawing straight forward triangle on the chart. And so why is now the best time Read more

Antigua to Portsmouth Day 5: Dolphin Whisperers in the Galley

In today’s blog, singing in the galley leads to a dolphin sighting. Were they called to the boat?   Monday 14 January 2019 We awoke to calm conditions after a slightly bumpier, wet and much colder night than we’ve been used to so far. This morning the wind had turned and we have had smoother Read more

Antigua to Portsmouth Day 4: The Real Sailing Begins

  Today the real sailing began. Following a windless night motoring through an inky black sea and dense cloud cover, the wind came through around 4am. Those on watch shook out the reefed main and hoisted the yankee and staysail. We were soon powering to windward at around 8 knots. Two tacks were thrown in Read more