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Even experienced sailors can be blown away by the majesty of a whale, and with the added bonus of hearing the sounds it makes piped through the yacht, this sighting was one that will stay with the crew the rest of their lives. Day 4 – What A Day. The gracefulness and ease with which the huge Read more

Santosa Sails To Steep Fjord Walls And There’s Time To Make A Snowman

  Being so far north it is almost permanent daylight for the Guest Crew of Santosa as they sail from on day 2 from Nordskot to Trollfjord. As you will read in this blog there is a wide variety of small but very interesting events happening each day… 11th June 2019 Trollfjord Headed further north Read more

Santosa Sets Sail From Bodo To Nordskot Seeking Sperm Whale

  The luxury yacht Santosa continues her adventures around Norway’s arctic landscape, giving couples a perfect sailing holiday while receiving all the benefits of being guest crew. 10th June 2019 – Chart Table seat, Nordskot. Arrived by plane in Bodo yesterday. After a quick lunch on board we cast off into a light northerly, that Read more

Santosa Reaches Bodo After 2000nm Of Sailing

  It wasn’t long ago that the luxury yacht Santosa left Southampton to give couples amazing holiday adventures on her voyage across the North Sea to Norway and the beautiful arctic scenery of fjords, mountains and refreshing climate. Here the ship’s cook Sue updates us with their latest news. Date: 05/06/19 Time: 1800 local time Read more

Trolls, Caves And Mountains On The Approach to The Arctic Circle

  Could it get more epic? Are we getting bored of these wonderful photos? Well, the answer to the first question is “We hope so” and the second is a resounding “No!” The luxury yacht Santosa is fast approaching the Arctic Circle and in these two blogs the ship’s cook Sue reports on the sights Read more

Santosa’s Cook’s Blog: Prawns, Fresh Off The Boat… And Other Norwegian Delights

What are the benefits of being Guest Crew on the luxury ship Santosa? Apart from the sights, the double en-suite cabin and the wonderful fresh air, there is the food. And as much as sailors all love mucking in and delighting each other with their specialities, having someone cook for you is one of life’s Read more

Santosa’s Guest Crew Blogs From One Of The Most Beautiful Places In The World

The second leg of Santosa’s Nordic voyage began on 15 May 2019 in bright sunshine and a light north-easterly wind, leaving the bustle of Bergen’s historic Bryggen waterfront and preparations for Norway’s national Constitution Day behind us. The evening before Tom and Julie’s 25th wedding anniversary had been celebrated in style, with cake and champagne Read more

Santosa And The Long Fjord To Trondheim

The luxury yacht Santosa is sailing the summer around the arctic waters of Norway and when they have a moment reporting back on the adventures the couples on board are having and the amazing sights they are seeing. There are still some Norwegian sailing holidays available and you can see them here. Celebrating a Different Read more

Santosa’s Back Route To Bergen

  Luxury yacht Santosa is currently taking couples on sailing holidays around the beautiful settings that Norway has to offer. Below is the skipper’s latest blog, however, if you’re thinking of booking onto one of the remaining adventures you’ll find the whole list here. Some Useful Local Information Our journey from Stavanger to Bergen was Read more

Luxury Yacht Santosa Reaches Norwegian Waters

  Santosa’s first voyage in the Norway programme started from her home base in Southampton bound for Bergen. The plan was to cross the North Sea taking into consideration weather and passage time with an option to make Stavanger our first Norwegian port. The ship’s complement consisted of: Skipper, Mate, Engineer and our first two Read more