Why is heavy weather sailing an important skill?

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Sailing in heavy and bad weather is a vital skill to have on you sailing toolbelt. If you’ve never done it before it can be a challenging and daunting experience. Knowing what to do when faced with high winds and big seas gives you the skills and confidence to sail safely. This blog will answer why heavy weather sailing is an important skill. But also how First Class Sailing can help you learn and develop your skills. All in a safe environment under the watchful eyes of our instructors during a heavy weather sailing weekend.

Why is heavy weather sailing an important skill?

What is heavy weather sailing?

In brief heavy weather sailing involves sailing in any form of extreme or challenging weather conditions. Sailing through storms are a given.  However high winds, big waves or any sort of hard weather falls under the banner of heavy weather sailing.

Why is heavy weather sailing an important skill?

Heavy weather sailing is a vital skill for a simple reason. It ensures the safety of yourself, your crew and your yacht. You never know when heavy weather could hit you, so it’s imperative your prepared with the knowledge to tackled the challenge safely.

Something to consider about heavy weather sailing is it should be very unlikely you have to use your skills. With proper planning before your trip you should be able to avoid the worst of weather despite how unpredictable it can be. However you should always expect and plan for the unexpected and always be prepared for the worst.

The only time you should be looking to sail in heavy weather is during an educational setting where seeking harsh conditions is vital to your learning. If you’ve never sailed in heavy weather it can be a daunting prospect, and rightly so when there is so much at stake. Knowing what to expect and how to handle high winds and big seas will give you the confidence to sail safely.

Why is heavy weather sailing an important skill?

How can First Class Sailing help?

During the Spring and Autumn we offer heavy weather sailing weekends, aimed at sailors who wish to gain confidence and the skills needed to sail safely in heavy weather. Over a typical weekend our experienced instructors will teach you everything you need to know about sailing in poor conditions. All in an educational and safe setting.

A First Class Heavy Weather Sailing Weekend

The course is conducted over three days (Friday to Sunday) on board a Challenge 72 yacht. Being built to sail the wrong way around the world makes the challenger the perfect yacht for us to teach heavy weather sailing. You will have the opportunity to learn the theory behind heavy weather sailing and apply it to practical techniques over the weekend. From running barepoled to snugging down. You’ll be taught everything you need to know to sail safely.

If your interested in joining us for a weekend of heavy weather sailing? Click the link below for dates and availability.


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