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Considering the dramatic actions being described below it is a triumph that this blog has been written at all. This blog perfectly why crossing the Atlantic is an adventure… Date :14 January 2018 Time : 12:00 GMT Position :35.24 N 51.03W Destination Horta Good Morning all Another good day on the good ship Challenger 2, Read more

Heading into the Wind – An Atlantic Adventure

  More news from the FCS crew as they sail from Antigua to Portsmouth, almost one week in they are finding their feet, although footholds would be more helpful if that pesky wind blew in the right direction! Mate’s report first and then messages from the crew. Date :14 January 2018 Time : 12:00 GMT Read more

Messages Home from the Atlantic Snow Globe

  The crew are getting lyrical, maybe it is the sea air, maybe the night sky, maybe the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean has opened their creative minds, either way here are some lovely messages home and once again you have to marvel at the technology we take for granted being able to keep folks Read more

Spirits High: Atlantic Ocean Flat

  Sailing towards the Sargasso Sea the FCS crew on Challenger 2 are looking foward to wind that approaches. So what are they doing to keep themselves busy? Skipper Neil reveals all in this blog… In It For the Long Stretch New weather today promises an end to our motor sailing, it will be replaced Read more

Poetry in Motion from that Atlantic Swell

  The FCS crew on Challenger 2 are settling in on their voyage from Antigua to Portsmouth and here is the latest report, it includes a sea shanty and hopefully the first of many! Time to Meet Mother All is well on Challenger 2. Sailed by moonlight through the night, got drenched by squalls, dried Read more

The Long and the Short of Starting an Atlantic Voyage

  As she sails from Antigua to Portsmouth the latest report from Challenger 2 brought the usual daily update from the skipper Neil, plus a long and thoughtful piece from Alex who managed to find some time between watches to put his thoughts down about taking on a long voyage across the Atlantic. The Pot Read more

Antigua to Portsmouth: the Return Leg Begins

  The last leg of the Atlantic Adventure began over the weekend. It started in Portsmouth with the voyage down to the Canaries, followed by the rally across the Atlantic in the ARC 2017 and finally Challenger 2 will sail from Antigua to Portsmouth. The crew will be adding around 3500+ miles to their log Read more

Hooray for Rodney Bay! Challenger 2 Arrives in St Lucia

  It has been voyage and a half, the crew will have ARC Rally memories that will last for ever and stories to tell to all and sundry. For skipper Ricky Chalmers he’ll certainly write this one down as a job well done. Here is his final post from the second leg of the Atlantic Read more

Medical Emergency mid-Atlantic for Challenger 2

  You haven’t heard much from the FCS crew on Challenger 2 over the past few days and there has been a very good reason, one of the team was ill, seriously ill and this gripping account from skipper Ricky Chalmers will certainly have you on the edge of your seat… Sunday December 10 2017 Read more

Franklin D Roosevelt’s Inspirational Sailing Quote

  There are many good sailing quotes but what is the story behind them? Where do they come from and what was the original meaning? One well known quote is by the much loved American President Franklin D Roosevelt. “To reach a port we must sail – Sail, not tie at anchor Sail, not drift.” Read more