What is the RYA?

If you’re new to the world of sailing and are looking at the courses we are offering and wondering what the RYA is and why sailing schools offer RYA courses then let us enlighten you.

The RYA stands for Royal Yachting Association. Set up in 1875 as the Yacht Racing Association, it has become the national governing body for all forms of boating including yacht cruising.

It is also one of the founding members of the world governing body for yacht racing, the International Sailing Federation.

The RYA exists to get more people into boating and watersport activities, promote safe boating practices and raise the standards of yachting and sailing in the UK.

To increase boating participation and sailing safety, the organisation offers many training programmes and courses, which cover all the essential skills of yachting – from understanding and utilising nautical jargon to carrying out all the physical work to keep your boat sailing steadily and safely.

These courses are arranged in a linear progression, so students can choose how much they want to learn. While the RYA is a UK-based organisation, their qualifications are recognised across the world and many countries have adopted their own training programs based on the frameworks established by RYA courses

Achieving RYA accreditation will open many doors for aspiring yachtsmen and yachtswomen. By completing the Day Skipper Practical course, you’ll be able to skipper a yacht independently and safely.

You’ll also be able to charter a yacht from charter companies both in the UK and abroad opening up a world of possibilities such as exploring the small islands of the Mediterranean. This infographic explains more.

First Class Sailing is recognised by the RYA as an official training centre, and we provide the full range of practical and shorebased courses to help you gain all the necessary ability and skills to enjoy yachting with confidence.

So if you fancy taking to the open seas at the helm of a yacht and if you’re simply looking to learn the basics, become a competent member of a sailing crew or skipper a yacht by yourself, there’s a range of RYA courses available to help you achieve your dream.

Read more about the courses we offer or call us on 0203 006 3717 to book your first course today.

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