OnLine RYA Training – using Zoom !

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Life isn’t always about waiting for the right conditions. With current isolation guidelines leading us all into unchartered waters, your nautical learning does not have to run aground.  Channel your time positively, equipping yourself with new sailing skills to utilise when back on the open waters.

First Class Sailing can offer you first-rate online learning courses leading to full RYA qualifications including: Day Skipper Theory, Yachtmaster Theory, Ocean Yachtmaster Theory and even a Spanish or French Language Course for Sailors!


Flexible & Accessible

We have bags of experience in online teaching and now we are using Zoom as a platform which adds ever more flexibility and accessibility – You can assess our classes from your tablet, laptop, PC or your mobile and we set our courses at different times so there will always be a class you can attend.

As an added benefit you can record the class to replay and reinforce your knowledge. All you have to do to begin recording is click the More button at the top of the Zoom window. Choose Record on this computer from the drop-down menu and away you go. Stopping the recording is just as easy so you can even just record extracts if that’s all you need.


The Zoom Classroom

Zoom allows our instructor to present live to camera, slideshows, answer instant questions and demonstrate information on a ‘whiteboard’ .

You’ll be in a virtual classroom with a manageable student count, so you can be sure you’re not alone yet you won’t be lost in a crowd. This means you will be able to get a firm grip and learn the ropes thoroughly.

Having set lesson times is so useful for structuring your learning. Any novices to Zoom be rest assured it’s simple to use; we’d suggest joining the first lesson ten minutes early, just to be sure that we’re all ready to start together. We ask all students to join the Zoom waiting room 5 minutes prior to the start of the lesson, so we’re all ready to go promptly.



When you book the online course we will send any supporting materials and full instructions that will help you with the course and give you plenty of notice to be fully prepared for the lesson.


“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Bobby Unser


Online RYA courses are a great solution to the challenges of isolation, whilst retaining interaction and that all-important group dynamic whilst delivering good, solid, quality education.

Learning continues beyond the classroom, and how you manage your time is flexible, you can complete it at a time that suits you, with the knowledge that you have a tutor to clarify issues or difficulties either by email or in the lesson.


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