What happens on a Competent Crew Course?

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Sailing Holiday

A RYA Competent Crew course is a really fun learning experience. It can certainly be viewed as a holiday and there is nothing that comes close to getting away from it all and escaping everyday life than going sailing!

RYA Competent Crew Course

RYA Competent Crew Course

Live Aboard a Boat

You live on board a yacht for 5 days and sail to a different marina or harbour or anchorage for each night.
You will sleep on board and most of your meals will be prepared on board (by you and your fellow ship mates).

What will You learn?

You will learn how to sail! You will learn tons of nautical jargon and things like how to raise and lower the sails; how to set the sails to the wind to ensure you go in the direction you want and don’t just slip sideways; you’ll do plenty of steering and you’ll learn what to do if you are steering and someone suddenly falls overboard!; you’ll learn how to moor and unmoor the boat; how to lower and raise the anchor; at least 8 knots; plus lots more.

Like all RYA Sailing Courses the RYA Competent Crew is fun. This course is aimed at complete beginners or novices who may have been sailing a few times before.
Our instructors are friendly and welcoming and passionate about what they do.

The boat

Here is a tour of one of the boats you would likely do a Competent Crew course on:


How to book and more information

Courses are run over 5 consecutive days, (either a Monday to Friday or occasionally a Wednesday to Sunday), or over 2 weekends (a 2 day and a 3 day weekend). Dates, prices and more details can all be found here: www.firstclasssailing.com/Rya-Courses/Competent-Crew.html

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