The Benefits of Autumn Sailing On The Solent

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Sunsets - The Benefits of Autumn Sailing On The SolentSee the Solent in a different light


It may come as a surprise to you, but this time of year is our favourite for sailing courses and many of our instructors prefer it. So, we’ve listed a few of the reasons why we believe Autumn sailing can be much better than in the Summer:

Sunsets are spectacular at this time of year. There’s just the right amount of moisture in the air to create incredible pink, purple, and orange masterpieces.

Summer may seem like a great time to sail because of the warmer weather, but the Solent can look like London rush-hour traffic with yachts all over the place at that time of year.

Add to that the incessant squawking of the VHF radio and the serenity truly dissipates. Not so in the autumn, however.

Sunsets - The Benefits of Autumn Sailing On The SolentHave the Solent (almost) to yourself


We Supply The Wet Weather Gear

Generally speaking, nice summer days are due to big high pressures that don’t bring much wind.

This is hardly ever a problem in Autumn, where a nice balance between dead-calm summer stillness and winter storms can be found leading to some great sailing conditions! We provide wet-weather gear free of charge that will keep you warm and dry (it’s warmer than skiing!).

Quiet marinas allow plenty of time and space for our students to perfect their mooring techniques without the added pressure of an audience.

There’s also less time-pressure to get in early and secure a decent berth in the marina. You would probably take more away from your course at this time of year.

Sunsets - The Benefits of Autumn Sailing On The SolentAvoid the summer crowds


One of the major plus sides to doing your courses in the autumn is that it gives you time to research your next sailing adventure (in the Med, perhaps?). By getting qualified now, you’re all sorted for your summer holiday next year.

Autumn Sailing Courses On The Solent

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