RYA VHF Radio course teaches you an important skill

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Why VHF Radio is an important skill? First Class Sailing’s VHF Radio course teaches you important skill that not only protects your safety but is also a legal requirement. In rules set out by the government a minimum of one person onboard a yacht must have a VHF Radio license. If you ever find yourself in an emergency you’ll be thankful to have such a fundamental and important sailing skill.

Why VHF Radio is an important skill. 

The VHF Radio Course is a one-day course with a focus on teaching you how to operate a VHF Radio. You will also be taught all the procedures associated with using a radio. This includes calling marinas, sending a mayday, and how to relay them. Other topics include Digital Selective Calling (DSC), as well as the traditional method of calling by voice. The course will teach you how to correctly use a VHF Radio and give you the knowledge you need to take the VHF Assessment needed to get your license. Having this licence is a vital step in your sailing journey. 

RYA VHF Radio course teaches you an important skills

Apart from safety and legality why is having a VHF license important?

Other than the obvious safety and legal reasons to gain your VHF Radio license, many of the advanced RYA practical and theory courses require you to have one as a prerequisite. Secondly, all charter companies including those aboard in places such as the Mediterranean will require you to have a license to charter one of their yachts. But on a more simple level, if you get in trouble out at sea, a VHF radio is your lifeline to help. Being able to communicate effectively and clearly and knowing how to send a distress signals is a fundamental skill every sailor should have. But it goes further than your own safety. If you pick up a distress call from another yacht you need to know how to respond and provide effective help. If you were ever in a situation where you had to use your VHF to send a mayday. You’d like to security of knowing the person on the other end know what they are doing.    

How does First Class Sailing run the course?

Gaining your license is a two-step process. First, you attend and complete the one-day VHF Radio Course at either our London and Southampton locations or online. On completion of the course, you will be eligible to take the VHF Radio Assessment. This is taken separately from the VHF Course and cannot be taken online. You are assessed with others and the whole process takes about 3 hours. However, you should note these 3 hours are not all exam time but factors in elements such as admin. We typically schedule exams the day after your course but you are able to choose another date if it suits you better.  

RYA VHF Radio course teaches you an important skills

What do I need to bring with me?

We recommend you bring a notepad and a pen for taking notes. You will also need a copy of the G31 or E-G31 RYA VHF handbook that will be sent out to you five days before the start of the course. There is some pre-course reading you will need to do as well. We will send you either an eBook or a hard copy about 5 days before the course.

Booking your assessment

You need to book an assessment separately from your course. To attend an assessment costs £30 for a VHF student of First Class Sailing or £45 for an external student. There is also a £60 license fee payable to the RYA on the day of the assessment. VHF Assessments are held also in London and Southampton at the same venues as our courses. If you opt for the online version of the VHF Radio course you must still attend an assessment session in person. You cannot take the assessment online.

RYA VHF Radio course teaches you an important skills

Where can I take VHF Radio?

We offer the VHF radio course across various locations in London including Limehouse and Clapham. Running a course out of your office is also possible something we can do. First Class Sailing also has brand new dedicated classrooms at our office in Shamrock Quay in Southampton. You can also opt to take the course online and then take the assessment at one of these locations. There is a lot of flexibility so choose the option that best suit you. 

For more detailed information about what the RYA VHF Radio course can offer you click here.

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