How Long Does Day Skipper Theory Take?

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The RYA Day Skipper Theory course gives you a comprehensive introduction to chartwork, navigation, and meteorology. It will provide a solid foundation for making the right decisions on board and should be followed by the RYA Day Skipper practical course.

But just how long does it take to complete Day Skipper Theory?

If you book with First Class Sailing, Day Skipper Theory will take you eight weeks, comprised of one evening a week, and then one weekend. We can also offer the course over two and a half weekends, or over five consecutive days.

By splitting the course over the days and options described above, you can complete the recommended minimum duration of the course, which has been set by the RYA at 40 hours plus exam time. We always ensure that students have enough time to fully grasp the concepts taught before completing the course.

The course can be delivered in classrooms in either Southampton or London.

There is a bit of homework on the Day Skipper Theory course. It compliments and helps to reinforce what you learn with the instructor. Our instructors usually arrive to each class half an hour early so there is always time to ask any questions you might have.

In conclusion, the RYA Day Skipper Theory Course can take a minimum of 40 hours plus exam time to complete but will be split over several weeks or days depending on which option you take.

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How long is the Day Skipper Theory exam?

There are two exams at the end of the Day Skipper Theory course, each one and a half hours long.  One is a general paper, the other is on chartwork. We offer all the RYA courses, including the essential Competent Crew qualification.

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