Franklin D Roosevelt’s Inspirational Sailing Quote

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Franklin D Roosevelt's Inspirational Sailing Quote


There are many good sailing quotes but what is the story behind them? Where do they come from and what was the original meaning? One well known quote is by the much loved American President Franklin D Roosevelt.

“To reach a port we must sail –
Sail, not tie at anchor
Sail, not drift.”

This particular line was spoken at the close of a ‘Fireside Chat’ he broadcast to the nation on April 14, 1938. Roosevelt had been using radio broadcasts when he was Governor of New York as a method of bypassing the newspapers who were under the control of his opponents.

He knew these direct broadcasts could not be misinterpreted and would go directly to the ears of the people he wanted to reach.

What you might not know is that FDR was a skilled sailor and spent as much time on the water as some would play golf. You can hear his chat below…

There is some more background on this Wikipedia page

You can read the transcript here

Make Sailing Your Inspiration

There is nothing better than open water, a good wind and great company and if you have the knowledge and skills to make the most of it you’ll find sailing gives you inspiration for a much better life.

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