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Whether it is a welcome beacon of light after a difficult voyage or a much-loved landmark every sailor has their favourite lighthouse. They are essential to our safe passage and although few around the world are manned, they still give the impression that someone is there, looking out you. Below is a pick of lighthouses Read more

Challenger 3’s tale of the 2019 Rolex Fastnet Campaign

In this blog skipper Gary sums up the 2019 Rolex Fastnet Race 3 months campaign.  Starting in April with gales for a training weekend and finishing with a gripping and fast race round the Fastnet Rock and into Plymouth. As the dust settles on a 3 month Fastnet campaign, it’s easy to forget how it Read more

Crew’s Eye View Of The Rolex Fastnet Race by Peter Byrne

  So what is it like to be in the Rolex Fastnet Race? By the end of this blog by Peter Byrne (above) you should have a good idea of what awaits and whether or not you’d like to be involved in the next race! It is an excellent read and written when grabbing moments between Read more

Skipper’s Eye View Of The Rolex Fastnet Race

The FCS crew on Challenger 2 have won the Fastnet! Well, we exaggerate a little, we had two, 16-strong crews in the Fastnet race, both sailing the steel Challenger yachts, and having their own private duel amongst the 100’s of other competitors. Sue Geary was the Skipper of Challenger 2 and Gary Rutherford was on Read more

The Myth of Malham Race and History

  This race is a real sailing race that has plenty of history behind it and is also a qualifier for the Rolex Fastnet which First Class Sailing always has at least one 16 strong crew participating in. The Race Is All About Tides   The first leg of the Myth of Malham follows the Read more

Fastnet Race 2017: The Final Stretch, Still All To Play For

Challenger 3 spinnaker August 11TH 2017 – Highlights of the race so far from Trevor and Beth plus news on the continual battle between Challenger 3 and Challenger 4 Still Leading… Dear reader, We are heading for the Lizard. Spinnaker aloft, flying beautifully, despite having been torn in the night. Given that our arch rivals Read more

Rolex Fastnet 2017: Finally, The Rock!

Thursday 10th August – Bruce, Julian and the mate Kirstie report on rounding the Rock, the chances of bashing into the Rock if at least one person doesn’t get involved in taking photos and frustrating calms. The Fastnet Rock as seen in 2009. 2017 picture coming soon! The problem with a long Fastnet race (as Read more

Rolex Fastnet 2017: Eat, Sleep, Sail, Repeat… Delirium sets in

  Today’s Mother Watch Firas and Niki describe a crew on the edge.. Starboard watch have been keeping themselves entertained by playing the cloud game and looking for shapes in the big fluffy clouds in the sky. There was a mad hatter’s tea party, and then Adam spotted a shark eating a cat, Niki and Beth Read more

Rolex Fastnet 2017: Challenger 4 close on our heels!

Tuesday 8th August 2017 – Squalls, Spooky Fishing Trawlers, Dolphins, Sail changes and Challenger 4 trying to catch up. Challenger 3 Mother Watch Steve and Alessandro report. A relatively sedate and stable ride during the night with the Genoa now flying for 24 hours in variable winds, with boat and crew well balanced… ok the Read more

Rolex Fastnet 2017: Tacking! A Busy Start to the Race

Monday 7th August 2017 – Lots of tacking, countless sail changes, ripped staysail – all in the first 24 hours of the Fastnet. Challenger 3 Mate Kirstie Louise Rowe reports… It seems hard to believe that we left Cowes just yesterday! In true race fashion a lot has happened and time has warped and stretched. Read more