ARC Rally 2019 – St Lucia here we come!

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Tuesday 10 December

Becs and I are back on MF watch today, having taken over from the chuckle brothers Jim and Jason.  Personally I don’t get why they have a problem with getting up at 5.30 having been sailing half the night to cook a bunch of smelly crewmates breakfast

Land ahoy!

Sat here about to do a double night watch with 325Nm remaining.  Yellow Brick connect (GPS tracker – other brands are available) has run out so this is my only way of communicating with the outside world.  Looking forward to FaceTiming loved ones in a couple of days.  Wind seems to be picking up nicely so hopefully we will finish the voyage on the 11th sometime in the evening UK time.

Very relaxed vibe on deck this afternoon with lighter wind conditions.  Still fascinated by the sea state and views.  It is hot, very hot in the daytime and the nights give some relief when outside.  Boats are now starting to appear within 20 miles around us as we all converge on St Lucia.  Birds and sea grass appear more frequently and the cloud formations are starting to indicate that land is coming.  We are all looking forward to that first drink when we cross the finish line.

Picture of St Lucia Coast

Final destination St Lucia

Anchors & Swifts

Discussion today has been about Anchor and Swift tattoos that apparently you get when you cross an Ocean and cover over 3000 miles.  I’m sure that will please Jen no end (not).  Anyway off to have dinner then onto night watch.  Love and kisses to my loved ones.  I have missed you and can’t wait to speak soon. xx

Map of the latest ARC Rally 2019 positions

Latest ARC positions

A New Look

As of day 15, with 389 miles to go, we have two long running guy bets. The first was for the longest new beard grown during the journey, which I won by default, when Chris showed up at lunch the other day, cleanly shaven and looking 10 years younger, not to worry Molly, mine will come off after the photo at the finish line.

Love and wishes to all,


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