A gentle ride into South Carolina

1,426 views  |   May 1st, 2012 

The latest update from Marco Nannini

We have 340 miles left to Charleston, we are pleased with how things have
gone in the past 2 days, after the tactical move to cover Phesheya we feel
a little more in control of our destiny. Our advantage over them has
plummeted from 120 miles to just 40 but has been fairly constant with only
minor changes since the gybe.

Needless to say we are really looking forward to getting to Charleston,
the wind is progressively decreasing so we hope the finale wont be too
much of a light winds struggle.

We’re heading north west, a little left of the direct route in
anticipation of the rotation of the wind and hoping to find the favourable
flow of the Gulf Stream to help us run fast along the American coast.

We’be been sailing under a gray murky sky for the past couple of days,
we’re hoping the cloud cover will break again and give us a gentle sunny
ride into South Carolina.

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