Challenger 4 Departs Antigua for Portsmouth

662 views  |   January 9th, 2019 

Challenger 4 Departs Jolly Harbour Antigua for Portsmouth


After a bout of poorly stomachs, with several crew incapacitated before our yacht had even left Antigua’s Jolly Harbour, Challenger 4 is finally on its way! Here is their first midday report.

Good morning all

All is well after a fairly windy night on Challenger 4 which saw up to 30kts of NE breeze, 2 reefs and staysail down.

The wind has veered easterly and eased and the staysail is back up and the 2nd reef shaken out. Currently we have around 15kts and will go to full main shortly. No sea sickness as yet, although a couple of people felt a bit green working below yesterday. Today we start our mother watch system and I’m looking forward to great things as most of the crew are adamant that they can’t cook. Blogs will follow as soon as I can persuade someone to write one! Today’s fruit of the day – mangoes and avocados.

Challenger 4 midday report

Date : 09/01/19
Time : 12:00 UT
Position : 20.04.3 N 61.47.8 W
Destination :Horta
ETA :Jan 22nd
DTF :2044
Fuel : 3 full, 1 in use
Water : 3 full, 1 in use
Gas : 4 full, 1 in use
Sailplan: I reef, Y2 & stay

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