Sea Survival Course

It is relatively uncommon but if there is an emergency at sea it is a well proven fact that people who have received the right sea survival training are more likely to live to tell the tale. If you understand how to use the equipment and how to help yourself your chances of surviving are greatly increased. Our RYA Sea Survival Course is held in Southampton or London.

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The RYA Sea Survival Course in Southampton or London is for one day and held in a classroom and a swimming pool. You will learn sea survival training and how to handle safety equipment. You will learn how to use it in the types of emergency situations that could occur on the water.

An important part of this basic sea survival course is a practical session in a swimming pool where you get to experience first-hand the problems of entering an uncooperative life raft and assisting others whilst fully clothed and with a lifejacket on.

Whilst our RYA Sea Survival courses are based in London or Southampton and the Solent, if this isn’t near you and there is sufficient demand, we can hold it at your office elsewhere in the UK. We will need access to a nearby pool. An RYA Sea Survival course book is included in the price and an RYA Sea Survival certificate is given at the end of the course.

What would you do if you had to board a life-raft at night or in bad weather?

The day starts at 9.30am with the classroom based element of the course. There you will learn about crucial safety equipment, flares, life-rafts, distress beacons and lifejackets – their safe use and operation with an opportunity to examine the equipment at close quarters.

The second part of the course is in the nearby pool. Wearing clothes, you will put on lifejackets and practise boarding a life-raft from the water. A lot of fun and quite revealing just how difficult it would be in extremis. Click on this link to see a video of the course in action!

This course is a prerequisite for a percentage of the crew competing in events such as the Rolex Fastnet Race that takes place every 2 years and the Rolex Sydney Hobart race.

The RYA Sea Survival can be used towards the commercial endorsement to work in the industry. This applies to the Day Skipper and Yachtmaster qualifications.

How long does sea survival certificate last for?

At the end of the course, you will be issued with a sea survival certificate which is valid for five years.

How much does a basic sea survival course cost?

Our RYA Sea Survival Course prices are set at £180 per person if you attend for one day in Southampton or London. If you require a different venue, please ask for pricing.

The Sea Survival Course is one part of the RYA/World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Qualification. Formally known as the RYA/ISAF Offshore Safety Course.

To get the RYA/World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Qualification you must do this Sea Survival course and the World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Course. The two courses may be taken in any order.

If you have attended the RYA Sea Survival Course within the last five years then you need only attend the RYA/World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Course.

Looking for World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Course

RYA Basic Sea Survival Course Syllabus

Preparation for Sea Survival

  • Equipment available
  • Training drills
  • Actions prior to abandonment.

Principles of Survival

  • Methods to increase chances of survival
  • Signs, symptoms and treatment of hypothermia
  • Symptoms, method of treatment of sunburn, heat exhaustion and heatstroke
  • Survival routines to aid location
  • Correct use of pyrotechnics and other location aids
  • Water rationing and collection procedures
  • Food rationing
  • Sources of food
  • Location

Survival craft ailments

Lifejackets & Liferafts

  • Lifejacket: - design, construction, wearing and use
  • Safety Harness: - design and use
  • Liferafts: - standards, design, launching, equipment
  • Actions taken whilst in liferaft.

Search & Rescue

  • Rescue by helicopter or vessel
  • Role of Coastguard
  • UK and International SAR Organisations
  • Other services

Practical Wet Drill

  • Liferaft launching, boarding
  • Survival whilst in water
  • Capsize drill
  • Final abandonment
  • Survival, difficulties & requirements

For the pool session of the RYA Sea Survival course you should bring some old clothes or oilskins if you have some. You are not allowed any footwear in the pool [local rules]. It is not a particularly good idea to use a good set of oilies as the chlorine does them no good.

If you wish to bring your own lifejacket you may do so – it might be a good idea to see how it performs. If you do not bring a lifejacket one will be provided.

You should also bring paper and pen for note taking

What did you like most about about your course? Well-defined and beautifully balanced act between people, didactics and technology. Combo is rarely achieved successfully but it hits the bull's eye! How would you rate the support you received during your course on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being very poor and 5 being excellent? 5 no doubt. From the first feedback onwards it's guaranteed you are not alone! I like the way anecdotes and facts are sprinkled occasionally alongside the syllabus, like recent ship wrecks in the Channel, etc. This certainly makes reading more interesting as text books tend to be somewhat drier. Please use any occasion to exploit that approach. That enriches the reader immensely as it is first-hand knowledge in its purest form, and that is certainly difficult to obtain anywhere else. Well done. "


"The Instructor was an excellent coach and really took the time with our class to ensure we all understood all aspects of the course. He was patient and prepared to take the time to ensure we all had the best knowledge transferred to us. He was an excellent instructor and had a significant amount of detailed knowledge that was most helpful to me and the rest of the class. He is passionate and fully committed to his work and goes above and beyond to ensure you are capable and have a really enjoyable experience learning with him. First Class Sailing are well organised and the logistics, course material and facilities were all top notch "

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