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The last few days have been, as predicted, a drag race towards the north-east corner of Brasil, all tactical decision had been played out earlier around the tricky corner near Rio de Janeiro where the wind tends to be always on the nose and there is a nasty counter current. Since then we’ve proceeded in Read more

Finally Into the Trade Winds

The struggle to reach the stable trade winds seems to have lasted an eternity, the fleet progress has been very slow compared to the schedule we had imagined when leaving Punta del Este and only Cessna at the front has been keeping steady averages since reaching these steady winds a day ahead of us. So Read more

An inch at a time we go north!

The last two days have been far from easy, as we approached the continental shelf off Cabo Frio near Rio de Janeiro we were met by the nasty Brazilian south-flowing current. The deep current is pushed to the surface and strengthens to a strong flow where the bottom of the ocean goes from thousands of Read more

Easter at Sea

We’ve been at sea nearly 6 days, half the world is on holiday for a long Easter weekend, for us it’s been more wind and waves as we sail north east hoping to soon reach the trade winds. Ahead of us the bottom corner of Brasil with Rio de Janeiro and a tangle of variable Read more

Underway in the fourth leg of the Global Ocean Race

We’ve been at sea for two days, i wrote an earlier update which somehow was never sent so here is a summary of our start of the fourth leg of the Global Ocean Race, Punta del Este Uruguay to Charleston US. The start in Punta was relatively quiet although I was a bit annoyed with Read more

Marco takes Second Place on Southern Ocean leg, lying second overall

We are in Punta del Este! Celebrations Celebrations Celebrations! We made it! We are in Punta del Este Uruguay, 35 days at sea! We have sailed through gale force winds, we reached across the depths of the Southern Ocean with albatrosses to guard our progress, we clenched our teeth through the icebergs, we fought with Read more

Home stretch- 400 miles to go

We have just over 400 miles to go to the finish line in Punta del Este, the permanent cloud cover of the past few days has broken up during the night and i stood my watch in the cockpit as a magnificent sunrise brought summer to our world. Since we left the icy weather of Read more

Tough head winds make for frustrating home run

I guess we all assumed that once turned the corner from the Horn everything was going to be easy, I certainly did, so I was a little surprised when last night the wind piped up to a fierce 35-40 knots dead on the nose in a nasty chop and a mysterious 2 knots adverse current. Read more

Marco “cool dude” Nannini enters the Atlantic

If rounding the horn is the accepted “cool dude” turning point, I feel much better now that we are finally sailing in the Atlantic. After Cape Horn we headed north towards the Strait of Le Maire, between the Tierra del Fuego and the Isla De Los Estatos which marks the gate that opens into the Read more

Marco and Hugo- Around the Horn, lying second in the race

What a day, we finally rounded Cape Horn! I think it will take me a while to fully process this fact but I’m sure it’ll live in my thoughts for the rest of my life, arriving here has been at times tremendously tough and yesterday just when the weather was finally improving we were left Read more