ARC 2019 – Day 17 – Nearing the end of an amazing adventure

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Only a day away

With the crew of Challenger 2 around a day from the finish line today their thoughts are turning to being back on dry land, seeing loved ones and of course sampling some of the local rum!

We wish them good luck for the final few miles of an epic trip and an amazing adventure. We are sure they will be able to dine out on tales from the  ARC 2019 Rally for a long time to come.

ARC Rally day 17 position on map

Latest Position

Some final thoughts

We are now less than 192 miles and 24 hours from the finish line where we will be greeted, night or day, with a bottle of rum. I suspect that after that bottle is rapidly depleted, the crew will dash off to the nearest bar as our collective blood alcohol level for the last 16 days has been 0.0000. Save for some boxed red wine in a stew one night, and a beer each, at the mid-Atlantic party, Challenger 2 has been a dry boat, a true rarity for sailors. I think I can speak for everyone on board when I say that the one thing we look forward to more than the rum, is snuggling up with a loved one, after a very long hot shower, on a level bed.

Love and kisses to all


Photo of friends drinking Caribbean rum

Looking forward to a celebratory rum

Skippers Log

CF540 ARC 2019 CH2 Daily Report 2019-12-10

Date : Tuesday 10 December 2019
Time : 12:00 GMT (10am Boat Time)
Position : 14.19’N    57.09’ W
Position : 215Nm Due East of St Lucia
Destination : Rodney Bay, St Lucia
ETA : 1330 Dec 11 (GPS)
ETA Kirstie: 0900 Dec 11 (UT)
DTF : 220 Distance Run 2790
24 Hour Run : 203 DMG in 24 Hours : 191
Sailplan : Full Main, Yankee 1, Staysail down
POB : 14, all in good health and happy
Today on Challenger 2 :
Breakfast : Cereal, Fruit salad, Cereal Lunch : Cous Cous and Roasted Veg  Dinner : Lasagna
Music : A singing prop shaft and propeller accompanied by roaring water along the topsides

Notes and comments:

The stronger winds kicked in without much of a warning, just took us from a gentle peaceful downwind sail to a white knuckle charge ten minutes before the 11pm (boat time) watch change.

Ricky, Skipper

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