Norway Summer Sailing

The Norwegian coastline was forged millions of years ago from glaciers grinding their way through the landscape forming large fjords that penetrate for miles inland. An outer band of island covers large areas offering sheltered cruising and some of the most unique and breathtaking scenery in the world. Steep mountains flank you on each side and continue down through the sea leaving deep waters.

The wind can funnel around, through and down these mountains and fjords, which makes sailing in the area interesting and quite unique. There is also the chance to experience the 'midnight sun' up in these high latitudes, where the sun never really sets, and colourful evening skies that last for hours.

Along the way you’ll find little anchorages and small towns, with quiet harbours where fishing is still a fundamental part of life just like it was in the days of the Vikings.

Whilst we will be sailing close to, or inside, the Arctic Circle, the climate in summer is relatively mild. This is due to the Gulf Stream that whisks in warmer sea and air temperatures from the Gulf of Mexico bring much milder weather compared to other countries at this latitude like Canada. The summer months can hover around 20 degrees Celsius – shirts and shorts weather! Certainly, the locals find it sweltering.

In 2019 we are running two different kinds of sailing holidays in Norway.

One of our trips is aboard a steel-hulled Challenger 72 sailing out of Portsmouth designed to sail the 'wrong way' around the world.

Or, you could choose to sail in a bit more style aboard our 55ft steel-hulled Bruce Roberts ketch departing from Southampton and headed for the Lofoten Islands.

They are similarly priced per person, so have a look below and choose which the voyage that suits you best.

Sail across the North Sea, explore Norwegian Fjords, and back again

Sailing out of Portsmouth, we will head across the North Sea to the Norwegian fjords, between Stavanger and Bergen, and back to Portsmouth over 15 days. This trip will involve plenty of offshore sailing with a watch system in place mixed with incredibly scenic cruising in the fjords. You will learn and experience how to sail as a crew in all conditions with a professional skipper and mate, plus 2 watch leaders on board to guide you along.

Explore Norwegian Fjords, Lofoten Islands, Faroe Islands or the Isle of Skye

Our luxury Norway trip is aboard a 55ft Bruce Roberts ketch and will be sailing along the Norwegian coast, across the Faroes and down the west coast of the UK back to Falmouth over the course of the summer. Along the way, Santosa will visit Bergen, Trondheim and the Lofoten Islands, in the Arctic Circle. This adventure will involve 9 different legs of approximately 11 days each. With only 2 double en-suite cabins available, this trip is designed to be more luxurious and exclusive, sailing in mostly sheltered waters and exploring fjords and islands along the way. However, there is an opportunity for some more adventurous offshore sailing too on the Southampton to Bergen and the Trondheim to Faroe Islands legs.

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