Learn to use a Sextant

This Celestial Sailing weekend offers a practical hands on experience, a great way to get some sextant practice and a chance to find out if it's a subject you'd like to take further.

For centuries sailors have navigated their way across the oceans by celestial navigation or nautical astronomy - using the sun, moon, plants and the stars. For the modern sailor it is not only a fascinating art but essential when crossing oceans as back up to the modern and much relied upon electronic navigation.

If you are curious about how to use a sextant or have taken the Yachtmaster or Ocean Theory courses, or are even self taught, our celestial sailing weekends are ideal offering both an introduction and a refresher. All are welcome. A big advantage is that you learn in a small group, under the supervision of an expert instructor.

The weekends involve sailing along the south side of the Isle of Wight and back up through the Needles

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If you have your own sextant bring it along. You can compare the pros and cons of different models ranging from the very basic through to the proper thing. The course will cover the basic principles behind using a sextant to fix your position, initial sextant checks, meridian passage, sun sights, star planning, compass checks and whatever else we can fit in. Plus you will get some great sailing!

These weekends offer a practical hands on experience, a great way to get some sextant practice and a chance to find out if it’s a subject you’d like to take further.

Accommodation is on board, use of waterproofs are included, food on board is included for all meals apart from the Friday evening meal.

The weekend will cover the basic principles behind fixing your position using a sextant.

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