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We purchased Golden Vanity in Aug 2020 with a view to using the boat for sail training and cruising. The boat had been on sale for a while and was in need of love and a good home.

She was built in 1908 in Devon for well known marine artist, Arthur Briscoe, who used her as a way to get out amongst the fishing fleets. He also sailed the boat regularly with close friends - one of which was spy novelist Erskine Childers, who wrote Riddle of the Sands.

Since then she has passed through a number of different owners and charities and one owner who sailed her single-handedly across the Atlantic.

She is part of the National Historic Register and within that part of the National Historic Fleet alongside ships such as HMS Victory and HMS Warrior!

In the 1980's she was found in a sorry state and the Golden Vanity Trust was formed to restore her which took a number of years. Nothing like that kind of work is needed now but she does need a lot doing to her and is currently being worked on in a boatyard in the Hamble.

More Photos
More Photos

There are a number of great reasons to restore this vessel and get her sailing again.

Firstly, to be part of the restoration of a historic vessel. Golden Vanity has a rich maritime past going back 113 years. She is from an era of working sail that no longer exists and whilst there are a few remaining Brixham Trawlers there is only one other of this class – a Mumble Bee!

Secondly, there are many great opportunities that sailing a boat like this gives to people from all walks of life. It offers adventure, somewhere to learn new skills, make new friends, discover teamwork, social confidence and above all somewhere for people to escape from whatever life is throwing at them.

Finally, you will be helping a well-established UK business preserve a beautiful vessel whilst strengthening their business offering and providing something unique for everyone to share and experience. Before Covid, we routinely chartered in boats for sailing adventures over and above our RYA courses. We still intend to do that but this gives us greater flexibility and less of a dependence on others.

She is currently residing at the famous Elephant Boatyard and looking rather sorry for herself. The hull, the rigging, the accommodation, the deck fittings, the electrics, the engine…. Even the old capstan - all need a makeover !

We have a small army of volunteers, paid experts and specialist tradesman working on her but more money and help is needed to get the project finished. Then she can do what she has been doing for the last 100 years and sail again and for many more years to come.

More Photos
More Photos

If you love the idea of helping us restore this beautiful little ship it is very easy to get involved.

- Click the Button below and go to the main Crowdfund Page

- Pick one of the ‘Donations’.

- These vary from £10 to £1000 (or more if you wish) .

- Each one will get you a Reward .

- We have limited edition illustrated art, signed books, day sailing on Golden Vanity, a day sail with the legend that is Tom Cunliffe and a short stay in an old Lighthouse cottage.

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