Boat Handling Master Classes

A lovely yacht approaches a cross wind and cross tide berth. One member of the crew stands at the bow - rope in hand - the skipper stood at the helm gently guiding the yacht into its berth. Then with two meters to go all hell breaks loose - arm waving, wild gesticulating, swearing, shouting - followed by the inevitable crunch and blame game!

It could all be so different! Many of our clients have asked us to provide specific training in boat handling under sail and under power - and we are happy to do so.

We give participants an opportunity to be instructed in berthing and unberthing techniques and then practice handling a yacht under power on and off pontoons in a variety of marinas. Time will also be dedicated to boat handling under sail so you will practice picking up buoys, man over board and maybe even sailing on and off pontoons.

Whether you want to brush up on your skills before a practical course, a charter or a flotilla holiday or you just need the practice, this master class can be tailored for you.

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