Sail in Norway from Bodo and Tromso

Sail in Norway from Bodo to Tromso or from Tromso to Bodo, in some of the world’s most stunning scenery. Sail through the magnificent Norwegian Lofoten Islands and Vesterålen Islands enroute .

There is the opportunity to sail

from Bodo to Tromso on 20 – 30 June and

from Tromso to Bodo on 26 July – 5 August.

Both legs will take you through the Lofoten and Vesterålen Archipelagos and along part of the inner passage way of the Norwegian Coastline. The Lofoten and Vesterålen Islands are off the North West coast of Norway, within the Arctic Circle, and is a magic place for a high latitude sailing holiday. It is a fairly sheltered route and you will sail to a back drop of some of the worlds’ most incredible scenery.

You will have the opportunity to sail, hike, photograph and explore dramatic landscapes in the world and enjoy the natural phenomenon of the midnight sun.

Set against a backdrop of sharply defined ice capped mountains you will sail to picturesque fishing villages with tiny harbours, some abandoned, some flourishing, clinging to narrow strips of land below these steep mountain peaks, all interspersed with quiet isolated anchorages, the outer coasts have areas of exposed pristine sandy beaches and farmland.

Miles in your log book

Approximately 190nm

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The Lofoten Archipelago sits right next to the Vesterålen Archipelago – another collection of islands that is equally as wild and beautiful and remote as the Lofoten Islands. The islands are old, the mountains being approximately 3.5 billion years old. Shaped by several ice ages there are numerous U shaped deep valleys and lots of pointy peaks.

Despite it’s remote location, there are plenty of pretty Norwegian fishing villages with yellow and red ochre houses to pull into or anchor off. Almost everywhere you look there will be mountains, some snow capped, and with wall to wall daylight from 28th May to 17th July there is always a breath-taking view to wonder at.

There are whales. We have seen sperm whales, orcas and pilot whales. There are white tailed sea eagles. There are moose and if you are lucky you may see one swimming between islands. There are puffins, kittiwakes, skuas and many more sea birds.

Tromso is on the mainland. The city calls calls itself the ‘Paris of the North’. Open air cafes, stimulating museums, Norway’s most northerly University, dramatic mountain views all make for a delightful place to visit, particularly by yacht.

Come as a couple (and you don’t both have to be into sailing) or by yourself.It doesn’t matter how much sailing you have done before.Most of the sailing takes place in pretty sheltered waters.

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Stage payments are an option call 0203 006 3717 or email the office for details.

There is lots of hiking to be had in the Lofoten and Vesterålen Islands. It is exotic. The Islands are known as one of the most beautiful areas in Norway.There are lots of paths and a few books and maps with marked trails on them.The vegetation is diverse. There is soft moorland and rocky crags. Alpine forests and lush green mountain sides. There are areas rich in bird life, white sandy beaches and stunning vistas.


The Lofoten Islands and Vesterålen Islands are extremely photogenic and therefore very popular with photographers!There are so many mountainscapes, villages, beaches, drying racks of cod outside red fishing huts, wildlife and the mid night sun allows for some wonderful light that it would be difficult not to come away with some impressive shots.

Fishing in the Lofoten Archipelago

The whole area is a rich fishing ground and depending on how good your fishing skills are you may be able to supplement the on board menu with cod, haddock, pollock, halibut and mackerel - ideal for an evening beach BBQ.

There are rods and fishing gear on board plus a fish finder instrument in the deck saloon!

What is the weather like?

In June, July, August temperatures vary from around 8 degrees to 16 or so, maybe 20 if you are lucky. You can get bright sunny days (and nights) and cloudy overcast days (and nights!).The light is forever changing.

A number of our guest crew and skipper and cook have swum from the boat and from beaches. You could say it is invigorating, good for your circulation.

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The whole area is rich in wildlife.

Sperm whales, orcas, pilot whales, minke whales and dolphins are seen.A hydrophone is on board for listening in to their chatter which is fun.

The birdlife – mainly but not only sea birds – is equally prolific, with nesting colonies including puffin, guillemot and kittiwakes. White tailed sea eagles are numerous and may even be seen fishing.

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Santosa was launched in 2017. She is a 55ft (16.7m) steel ketch of Bruce Roberts design with a high latitude rig and has been built with exactly these sort of waters in mind and to provide an exclusive and luxurious experience.

She has hydraulic headsails and an electric mainsheet winch. She has two helming positions, one on deck in the cockpit and one in the spacious coach house allowing you to steer the boat staying cosy and dry if it is cold and wet on deck.

Displacing 33 tonnes she is a solid boat. She is ‘coded’ to Category Zero meaning her structure, the safety equipment on board and the experience and qualifications of the skipper and mate meet the UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) international standards to sail anywhere in the world.

She has heating, air conditioning, hot water, a water maker.

From the cockpit you come down into a spacious and sociable coach house with a raised saloon area offering panoramic views, leather seating and a dining table. To starboard there is a helming position and navigation area.

Aft of this area you step down into two luxury en-suite cabins, one each side of the boat. Plenty of storage is offered and a wardrobe. The en-suite has a power shower with seating, heated towel rail and electric flush toilet. the cabins also have heating, aircon and black out blinds.

Forward of the coach house saloon, you go down a level to a well designed galley on the port side and a snug seating area to starboard. Beyond that is mainly crew accommodation consisting of another heads, another double cabin and two bunk beds, and a work shop right up in the forepeak.

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Come as a couple, by yourself or with a friend whom you are happy to share a cabin/double bunk with.

Experience is always welcome but for this trip it doesn't matter if you have haven't done much sailing before.

You will need to be healthy and reasonably fit.

With the excepting of 2 or 3 meals ashore, giving you the opportunity to taste the local cuisine, food on board is included and made for you. Whilst our experienced skipper and cook are perfectly capable of sailing the yacht by themselves you are most welcome to take part in all aspects of keeping a watch, navigating and sailing the boat.

You should get some exciting sailing. You will see some dramatic scenery.

Warm clothing will be needed but the trip will not be as cold as you might expect. The weather can be fickle, but crystal clear and sunny days are not uncommon.

Two luxury double ensuite cabins are available on each leg.

The price is £4890 per cabin which works out at £2445 per person if you come as a couple. A cabin could also be suitable for two good friends who don't mind sharing as the double bed can be split in two with a lee cloth.Or you are welcome to come by yourself.

The price includes accommodation on board; all food on board, made for you, bar 2 or 3 meals ashore giving you the opportunity to taste the local cuisine; gas, fuel and mooring fees. You will need to bring your own oilskins and arrange your own travel insurance (circa £30 from a company like TopSail Insurance).

To pay a deposit of £1000 to secure your place use code SANTOSATROMSOJUNE for the 20-30 June and SANTOSATROMSOJULY for the 26 July – 5August trip in the check out stage.


Bodo airport is 15 minutes or so away from where the yacht will be moored in Norway. It is very well served by Norwegian Air and SAS. You may have to connect vis Oslo or Stockholm.

You should aim to join the boat as close to 4pm as possible, on the start date of your chosen leg.

On the final day you will disembark from the boat at 10am in Tromso.There is a good air service to Oslo from Tromso and connecting flights from there.

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Santosa is sailing from Southampton in the UK, west along the South Coast, up the Irish Sea to Scotland, through the Caledonian Canal, over to Stavanger in Norway, then up the Norwegian Coast to Tromso before heading to Spitsbergen in Svalbard. From there she will come back down as far as Trondheim before heading back across the North Sea to the Shetland Islands, the Orkneys, through the Caledonian Canal to the west Coast of Scotland, then back down to Falmouth. During this whole voyage there are a number of different legs that all have slightly different sailing aspects to them. For example some are purely coastal cruising whilst others have a large part of offshore sailing to them as well as coastal cruising.

Coastal Cruising

Bergen to Trondheim - 300nm and Fjords

Trondheim to Bodo – 280nm and Fjords

Bodo to Trondheim - 280nm and Fjords

Shetland to Inverness - 200nm. Via the Orkneys

Inverness to Isle of Skye -150nm. Through the Caledonian Canal

Isle of Skye to Oban – 70nm West Coast of Scotland

Arctic Circle Cruising

Bodo to Bodo - Sail in the Lofoten Islands

Bodo to Tromso - Sail in the Lofoten Islands

Tromso to Bodo - Sail in the Lofoten Islands

Mile Building and Coastal Cruising

Falmouth to Scotland - Up the Irish Sea and through the Caledonian Canal

Inverness to Bergen - Cross the North Sea and cruise the Fjords

Tromso to Svalbard, Spitsbergen - 580nm. Wild and remote

Svalbard, Spitsbergen to Tromso - 580nm. Wild and remote

Trondheim to Shetland - 350nm. Cross the North Sea

Shetland to Inverness - Via the Orkney Islands

Inverness to Skye - Through the Caledonian Canal

Skye to Oban - West Coast of Scotland Cruising

Oban to Falmouth – 430nm mile builder. Sail down the Irish Sea

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Bodo, Norway
20 - 30 June 2020
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Tromso, Norway
26 July - 5 August 2020
10 nights
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