Pick and Mix Day Skipper or Competent Crew Courses

Day Skipper Courses

We strongly recommend  that you find time in your schedule to take the RYA Day Skipper Course or RYA Competent Crew Course either:

  • Monday - Friday over 5 days
  • Over two consecutive weekends, 2 day / 3 day

We base our main fleet schedule on this basis.  We believe that this provides an excellent opportunity for high quality, personalised training. The reason why we recommend this is that on these scheduled courses you will have:

  • The same Instructor
  • The same fellow crew
  • The same yacht
  • You will benefit from continuity of instructions with the obvious advantages of saving time, appreciation of your achievements so far, and the relationships you build up as you go along.

However, we do understand that our customers have busy working and personal lives, and this is not always possible. Increasingly some of our customers need more flexibility from us, so we have responded to this need. Accordingly we have developed a Pick and Mix Schedule.

How do Pick and Mix sailing courses work?

 Competent Crew Courses Pick and Mix

You should pick a two day and a three day weekend [in either order] or three x two day weekends. This will give you the minimum course requirement of 5 nights on board and five days.

Pick these weekends from a single group of dates. There are three groups. If you cannot manage that, contact the office to discuss further options. We will be able to arrange something for you. The reason we have made groups, is to try wherever possible to give you the same instructor throughout.

  • Group 1 - Low Season 2018. £337 per weekend segment
    Enquire with the office for dates
  • Group 2 - High Season 2018. £349 for 2 Day/£379 for 3 day
    Enquire with the office for dates
  • Group 3 - Low Season 2018. £337 per weekend segment
    Enquire with the office for dates

How to book Pick and Mix Sailing Courses

Email or telephone the office, Mon - Fri 8am - 7pm to discuss your requirements.

Tel: 0203 006 3717

Email: info@firstclasssailing.com